Arc de Triomphe

France’s national monuments

Governed by the Ministry of Culture, the Centre des monuments nationaux conserves and manages 100 national monuments in France, which welcome 9.2 million visitors per year. Watch the video below for an overview of France’s main monuments, from Paris’s Arc

Photo by Sergey Peterman

Driving in France: hands-free kit ban effective June 30

If you are going to be driving in France, take note of the new ban on hands-free kits in vehicles that will take effect on June 30, 2015. The ban includes any mobile device hands-free kit that requires a wired or wireless ear bud, headset, or headphone.

Graham Jones and Oleh Butchatsky THUMB authors Paris Tragics

Two Aussie blokes in Paris

Two Australian mates who would regularly get together to watch the football and became the unlikely authors of the travel memoir ‘Paris Tragics’ talk about their shared passion for France.

Cité du Design, Saint-Etienne

Saint-Étienne celebrates design at International Biennial

  Until 12 April, Saint-Étienne (Rhône-Alpes) is hosting its four week-long International Biennial of Design. Now in its ninth edition, this year’s event is under the direction of new curator Benjamin Loyauté – a designer who is currently showing an exhibition of

Chicken Pie_opt

Winter recipe: Chicken, leek and Comté pie

Comté cheese is a pressed, cooked cheese from the Massif du Jura region in eastern France. Its nutty flavour makes it perfect for hearty winter recipes such as this take on a British classic: chicken and leek pie. Combined with tarragon

Photo by Mark Mitchell via Flickr

Who’s visiting Paris in 2015?

Paris, City of Light, the world’s most popular tourist destination and the most romantic city on the planet. But how many tourists visit Paris each year, and where do they travel from? How many boulangeries are there in the capital?

Photo © Mairie de Paris

Paris posts people’s Valentine messages on city billboards

For days people have been entering Valentine’s Day message of 160 characters addressed to the object of their affection and today, February 14, it’s all about romance in Paris as the messages are displayed all day on the city’s public information billboards.


Poet’s corner: Paul Valéry

Poet-philosopher Paul Valéry was one the most significant French Symbolists of the late 19th century, alongside Stéphane Mallarmé and Paul Verlaine. Valéry was born in Sète and spent his early years in Montpellier, later relocating to Paris to embark on


Languedoc traditions: jousting in Sète

One Sètois tradition is guaranteed to jolt the Languedoc from the languor of midsummer days. Water jousting was a popular medieval sport in the South of France, first appearing in Sète in 1666, at the inauguration of the Canal Royale.

©Sylvia Davis

A postcard from the France Show in London

A fun day out with everything you love about French culture, food, wine, music and of course property. In case you weren’t able to make it this year, here are some of our highlights of the France Show in London.

French Film Festival

Enjoying a French film festival… in your slippers

Even after living in France for years, I am always looking for effortless ways to learn French. I leave the radio on in the background and watch French films so when I heard about an online film festival I gave it a try.