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Bordeaux Property

Bordeaux property for sale

Bordeaux is a city full of intrigue and charm which has been in existence since Roman times. The city offers beautiful apartments and townhouses and as you move into the surrounding countyside you can find other properties such as villas which make excellent residential or holiday homes.

We can help you find the right property in Bordeaux and the surrounding area and arrange viewings with our Premier Partner agents who have been carefully selected for their local knowledge and their friendly, English speaking customer service.

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Bordeaux has its own airport and can be easily reached from La Rochelle airport. With many flights to Bordeaux and La Rochelle from all over Europe, Bordeaux is in a very accessible location.

Bordeaux guide

Bordeaux is the capital of the Aquitaine region and is one of France’s oldest cities, founded in 3BC by the Romans. The city is the world’s wine industry capital and wine has been produced here since the 8th century. Bordeaux wine can be sampled at one of the many chateaux in the region where one can see the vineyards and learn more about the history of these fine concoctions. Bordeaux has good transport links and its own airport.

Bordeaux is a great place to visit and has amazing architecture; in 2007 the city was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site because of the beauty and unity that the city’s buildings have maintained over the centuries. It is a classified city of “Art and History.” The
Grand Théâter has a fabulous neo-classical building and is the centre of artistic life in Bordeaux. One of the most spectacular bridges in France is Bordeaux’s Pont de Pierre, commissioned by Napoleon.

In total the city does in fact have 350 historic monuments and in the district of St Michel is one of the main landmarks St Michel Church. The Jardin Public is a lovely place to stroll and picnic on a summer’s day. Bordeaux boasts Europe’s longest shopping street Rue Saint Catherine it has 1.2km of shops, restaurants and cafés and is pedestrian only. The city has a superb selection of restaurants and bars.

Many of Bordeaux’s French residents live in the centre of the city, while overseas buyers tend to buy in the suburbs. This has led to suburban house prices being not much cheaper than in the heart of the city. The houses towards the centre are very high and the streets narrow, many of which are apartments and townhouses with courtyards; if you want a big garden or a detached property, then a property in the city’s suburbs or beyond may suit you better.

Flying to Bordeaux?

Flights to France Map

Visit the FrenchEntrée Flights to Bordeaux map to view the airlines flying from the major UK airports to Bordeaux Airport.

The properties below are properties for sale in Bordeaux and the Bordeaux area, listed with the most recently added properties appearing first. Use the search box below to refine the search criteria.

Gironde and Bordeaux Property Services

Gironde and Bordeaux Property ServicesAllow us to help you find the perfect property. Our independence ensures you are guaranteed of having the best possible choice of properties in the Gironde and Bordeaux areas. We can negotiate on your behalf to help your budget go even further.

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