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Driving in France


Driving in France

Green carWelcome to our driving in France zone. Driving in France can be a great pleasure especially along quiet country roads, however, it can also take some getting used to, particularly if you are not used to left-hand driving. What's more, intially getting started can be a challenge, we hope this zone will help answer some of your questions.
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Driving Licence FAQ

(picture 86l)Frequently Asked Questions about the eligibility of foreign licences, how to obtain a French licence, whether you need to get one, the penalty points system in France and other important rules... FAQ...

Find out how many points are left on your French driving licence

French driving licence smallHad a ticket recently and not sure how many points are left on your licence? Or perhaps you're unclear about whether points lost years ago have been returned? Now there's an easy way to find out more...

Did You Know?

Toussaint (All Saints) on 1 November is when most of France visit graveyards to pay homage to those who have departed this world. Of all the holiday periods in France, the most dangerous to be on the roads is Toussaint, when the most accidents and deaths on the roads have been recorded.

Driving in France - an introduction

Stock ImageBefore setting off onto the French roads, it is vital to acquaint yourself with some basic principals concerning driving in France as well as the road network and administrative requirements relating to driving licences. more...

Driving in France

What you need to know Stick ShiftAmerican licenses may be eligible for a reciprocal exchange towards a French one, depending on the state of issue of the original. more...

Cross border enforcement of driving offences for non-residents

July 2014 © Gilles Paire - In France, one in four speeding offences are committed by foreign registered cars. Following n EU directive member states are able to collect a fine ... more...

French breathalyzer (éthylotest) is required for all vehicles... sort of.

© TheStockCube - Fotolia.comVehicles are required to carry a ‘NF Approved’ breathalyzer kit but there is no fine for non-compliance.
continue reading ...

A Driving Force in Business

Your end to end service for buying a vehicle in France gary automobiles, taking the strain out of buying your carGary-Automobiles specialise in the supply of quality new and pre-owned left hand drive French registered vehicles. Unlike any other dealer all the paperwork is handled by Gary automobiles and they can arrange your French motor insurance. RHD part exchange welcome.

Importing and registering a car in France

© Gilles Paire - If you bring a car to France you can keep the original overseas licence plates for up to a month only. Here's how to change them over, plus information on registering new and second-hand French cars more...

Safety vest regulations

Legal requirements for driving in France © Elnur - Fotolia.comSince 1 July 2008, drivers found without safety vests for themselves and their passengers can be fined up to €135. Vests must be kept in the front of the car, so that you can access them easily, before getting out of the vehicle. more...

Drinking & Driving in France

Beware of the change in attitudes! The relaxed attitude to drinking and driving in France has surprised and sometimes delighted many foreign visitors. Tales such as the account in ‘A Year in Provence’, where policemen were helping drunk partygoers into their cars at the end of a village meal were not rare. But things have swiftly changed, since the French government pledged to lower the terrifyingly high number of deaths on French roads... more...

Contrôle technique in France

The equivalent of an MOT in the UK car tyre and headlightThe aim is to ensure that cars on the road are in better condition, newer and cause less pollution. more...

Become a confident French driver

Driving in FranceWhether you need to get over your nerves or take a test to get a French licence, here's some advice to get you started... more...

Driving in France over the age of 70

© Volker Witt - Fotolia.comThe European Directive states that the driving licences of EU member states are valid in other EU countries. This means that you can keep your UK licence until you are 70 years old and drive in France. more...

Save time and money on French motorways

Telepeage in FranceThe cost of using toll roads in France can soon add up. Signing up for télépéage could work out more economical on many levels, offering discounts and allowing you to avoid the queues. more...

Gary Automobiles LHD Specialists

Specialists in supplying quality New and Pre-owned French registered vehicles.gary automobiles porsche 996 We are a French registered (English owned) company and we will purchase & part exchange LHD or RHD vehicles. Visit us at for more info.

Expat Health Insurance in France

Cigna InsuranceIf you’re thinking of moving to France, don’t forget your expat health insurance. Cigna are experts with over 30 years experience. Get a free quote.

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