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Renovation in France


Renovation in France

Stephen Davies

Welcome to the best place to find information about renovating your French home. Find advice from hiring a builder, electrician or plumber, to building methods and regulations and where to shop for materials.

Our Topic Host Stephen Davies runs Renovate in France and works full time as a designer planner and project manager on renovations and new builds. If you have any renovation questions don't hesitate to email us. We’re always interested in hearing about your own renovation project.

Renovation Questions?
Visit the Forum!

(Picture 536c)The FrenchEntrée Forum is a great place to post questions on all kinds of renovation and building issues including electrical, plumbing, heating, DIY, and tools and equipment. Visit the French Entrée Forum

Meet Your Host

I'm Stephen Davies, your FrenchEntrée renovation Topic Host. My aim is to give you a base from which to begin your own research into the ins and outs of French property. more...

The basics of French property renovation

FarmhouseStephen Davies offer an insight into the basics of renovating in France, from the pitfalls to the kinds of property that are currently available to take on as a renovation project more...

The cost of renovating a French property

From small jobs to big jobs – how to avoid suprises. Renovation projectAre you planning to carry out work on your home in France? Here's why you should contact the local authorities. more...

Buying a property to renovate in France

Top tips © Ivonne Wierink - Many of the properties for sale come with that key caveat.. they ‘need work’. Our topic host shares tips for buying a property to renovate in France. more...

Reminder - DAAF smoke detectors are obligatory in France

© eelnosiva - Every home in France must be equipped with an independent smoke detector by March 2015... more...

Bring comfort and warmth into your home

Warmup InsulationOnce your decision to move to France has been taken, choosing a house to make your home is a key element in order to enjoy your new life. Even though the weather will be better than in the UK, installing the right heating solution is vital.

French VAT for renovation up in 2014

Time to get that work done © Onidji - Fotolia.comThe French government has announced an increase in the special TVA for renovation work.

Employing Labour Legally in France

Artisans, business SIRET & APE codes
painterYou would be taking a risk if you employ someone in France without checking if they are registered to perform the particular line of work.


English paint delivered to your door in France

UK Paint DepotFrench paint is very expensive and most times of an inferior quality. Well there is now a way in which you can put the pleasure back into your DIY. UK Paint Depot is in its third year of delivering English paint to the doors of expats and French people in the know in France.

More things to consider when renovating

From Andrew Allen - Architect, based in France Andrew Allen - ArchitectFor many finding a desirable home involves purchasing an older property that needs work either to renovate or extend it. Generally this is an enjoyable and trouble free experience however it can be quite easy to create problems for yourself if the correct procedures are ignored. more...

Legal advice when hiring an artisan in France

10 tips to improve your peace of mind spirit levelFollow these easy ten steps to ensure that you are legally protected when getting work done on your French home. more...

The role of the architect in France

Tim Harris House Plans This is a brief guide to help you decide whether you should ask an architect to help you with your project, whether you are purchasing land, building, or renovating a property.

Certificat d’urbanisme (CU)

When and why do you need one? Country houseIf you are looking at a conversion project in France, or even a plot of land on which to build, a piece of legislation you will need to be familiar with is the certificat d’urbanisme. more...

Legal considerations of renovating in France

Architect sketchRenovation or conversion projects require careful consideration. Good advice is essential, as is an understanding that this is a once in a lifetime exercise that can be very rewarding. To this end, planning plays a vital part. more...

Calculating habitable space

Surfaces de plancher + emprise de sol
© Artem Zamula - Fotolia.comSurfaces de plancher and Emprise de Sol are the new ways of working out habitable space and footprint. As for the wider implications, well it could save you a tidy sum. more...

What should you expect?

builder roofRenovating and decorating a house in France can be very different from what you're used to - especially when it comes to methods and materials more...

Speed up your French renovation. Don't snooze through your winter.

©by tools via flickr “Be prepared”. The motto is not just for the boy scouts, it particularly applies to French property renovations. more...

A guide to hiring an artisan

Things to consider before you sign on the dotted line. builderAll you need to know to you find the artisan who will help you realise your dream in France - rather than wreck it. more...

How To Point Your French Stone Property

DIY Tips from an experienced artisan
BuildingIt's not too difficult to get right but all too easy to get it wrong. Pointing a stone wall is a fairly major renovation task, but one that is not out of the reach of the competent DIY enthusiast.


SP Fishlock EURL - Total Renovation & Roofing Contractor

SP Fishlock EURLWith over 35 years experience, I provide full services from small repairs to complete renovations & new builds. No job too big or too small. Arrange a free quotation.

Handcrafted pine furniture - delivered

Kubek PinesAt Furniture Trends we have a team of dedicated, highly experienced craftsmen. We manufacture and export solid furniture of high quality providing the best value for money possible. Start shopping online!

Looking For the Perfect Stove to Compliment Your Home?

Stove SellersWe have a comprehensive range of stoves to suit every property, from contemporary to traditional. Visit our on line showroom to see our full range

Bring comfort & warmth into your home

WarmupThe perfect underfloor heating solution – suitable under all floor finishes in new build and renovation projects. Visit

First for telecoms for expats

UK TelecomWe have the biggest range of products at the best value for your money. Professional customer support in English from a highly trained team, save money here.

Save a Fortune on Currency Exchange

Currency ExchangeWhether you need advice or an international money transfer quote, FrenchEntree's currency partner - Moneycorp - can help. Visit the France currency exchange zone.

Energy Saving Pool Covers

Pool CoverCovers4pools offer a wide range of energy saving swimming pool covers that are made to measure for your pool. We can also offer Covers that meet the strict AFNOR rules Learn More.

Renovation Property Finder

Foothills of FranceWe can find you the perfect renovation project. We are specialist property finders able to give you access to the largest possible portfolio of undiscovered properties in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Only the mountain views come as standard. Find out more about our Renovation Property Finder services.

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