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French Seafood Vocabulary

Translations for seafood and its preparation
•Vider (verb) -‘to empty’, or at a fish counter, ‘to gut’.
•Ecailles (noun, feminine) - fish scales.
•Cru (adjective) - raw
•Cuite (p.t.p. & adjective) - cooked
•Bar (noun, masculine) - bass
•Merlu (noun, masculine) - hake
•Merlin (noun, masculine)- marline
•Homard - lobster. I have included this, because there are so many large and delicious crustaceans available, which look similar to lobsters, but a homard is the only word for the real thing.
•Queue de lotte (noun, feminine) - monkfish tail
•Poulpe (noun, masculine) - octopus
•Calamar (noun, plural, masculine) / encornet (noun, masculine) - squid
•Sieche (noun, feminine) - cuttlefish
•Eperlan (noun, plural) - whitebait

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By Gemma Driver

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