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Land for sale in France

France - Plots of Land for Sale

Welcome to FrenchEntrée's selection of plots of land for sale in France.

From smaller plots ideal for building residential and holiday homes, to more substantial areas with the potential to build property complexes, we hope you will find exactly what you are looking for here.

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We will be very happy to help you find your ideal plot of land and then guide you through the buying process.

Land guide

People decide to buy land for all kinds of reasons but it is usually because it can be a cheaper option than buying a Resale house, even when the price of the land is combined with the construction costs. Of course the other major advantage is that you can design a property exactly how you want, to meet your needs, desires and budget.

It is sensible for potential land buyers to work with an Architect prior to purchasing the plot, this is because the Architect will be able to check whether your house design will be accepted by local authorities; they also tend to have trustworthy contacts such as builders and plumbers.

Research the plot of land you intend to buy and find out if there are any plans for the surrounding land (if it is not in use), after all you do not want your view ruined by bricks and mortar a few months after moving in. You will also need to confirm that your chosen plot can be easily connected to utility services, such as the power grid, water board, local sewage works and the telephone line.

Land with planning permission (Terrain Constructible) is more expensive but can save you valuable time - trying to obtain it yourself is a long process. Check what the planning permission covers so that you know whether the type of house you want will be allowed to be built. Check what rights others have over your land i.e is it on a public foot path? Time spent researching all these factors will stop you from being caught out further down the line.

At FrenchEntrée we have plots of land available all over France from Poitou Charentes to the Midi Pyrenées. Land ranges in price from €8 - €15 per square metre in less densely populated regions such as Auvergne and Limousin to €210 per square metre in Provence where land is less available and more highly sought. Whichever part of France you choose to build a house, buying land is both a feasible and rewarding way of obtaining your dream property.

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