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Boucherie à La Ferme

Sizzling Sausages and Gorgeous Gammons, plus much much more.....

cheese, sausage, bacon, gammon, beef -ready to order on line
Perfect Pork, Sizzling Sausages, Chunky Cheddar Cheese, Beautiful Bacon and Brilliant Beef
All Produced Right Here in Limousin

Boucherie à la Ferme is a traditional English family butchers and farm in Corrèze, France.

cheese, sausage, bacon, gammon, beef -ready to order on line

Raymond and Sophie Hicks opened their ‘Boucherie à la Ferme’ in January 2009. Previously they ran their own farm and shop in Somerset in the UK but after falling in love with the French countryside and way of life decided to buy a farm and up sticks and move their young family to the Corrèze.

Both Ray and Sophie come from farming backgrounds. Whilst farming in the UK they faced the decision of either expanding their farming operation or diversifying in to the direct selling of their own products. This is the path they chose and since then they have never looked back.

cheese, sausage, bacon, gammon, beef -ready to order on line

Ray spent time with a master butcher Kevin Mc Cann in Martock to learn recipes for the perfect sausage, hams etc. During this time Sophie and Ray also ran an extremely popular hog roast catering company.

Ray and Sophie have a variety of animals on the farm which are all lovingly cared for, a quality of life being important for the animals too! Animals at the farm are all free range and because they are not produced in large numbers or forced to travel long distances they are allowed to enjoy life without any stress.

cheese, sausage, bacon, gammon, beef -ready to order on line

The cattle are traditional British breeds that fatten on grass alone. This makes the beef tender and tasty.

The pigs are all free range being a large white Landrace cross. They are fed on a farm milled mix of locally sourced grains.

All the sheep graze and wander freely around the 27 hectare farm.

Ray’s brother Richard Hicks is the chicken expert from the ‘River Cottage’ series and has helped advise Ray and Sophie on the rearing of their flock of chickens. Again the emphasis is on free range happy healthy hens.

cheese, sausage, bacon, gammon, beef -ready to order on line

The emphasis at the farm is very much on the traditional way of farming, as is their butchery. Ensuring well fed animals are given plenty of space to run to avoid build up of fat and to develop taste. The bacon produced is consequently leaner than French poitrine or longe with less waste and almost all the animal is used.Ray and Sophie also source all their spices from the UK to ensure a traditional end product.

Ray tells us a little more
"When we first came we found people were really interested to taste our sausages and bacon because they either missed them or found the French equivalent were not to their taste. Then after enjoying these they have asked for a general butcher service which includes rolled joints, chops, mince etc. However our most popular products are still the bacon and sausages and the gammons."

We sell all the pork products that you would find at a traditional English butcher’s shop. We offer a variety of traditional sausages such as Lincolnshire, Cumberland, leek and pork, caramelised onions and the traditional pork as well as gammon steaks, pork joints,ribs and a variety of cuts of beef from animals hung in the time honoured British fashion.

Another favourite with customers is our award winning traditional strong cheddar cheese a product that is proving almost as popular as the bacon and sausages."

Ray and Sophie currently take all orders by phone or the internet and then arrange a suitable delivery date and place for delivery in their temperature-controlled vehicles.

They are also preparing to sell at markets across Corrèze, Haute Vienne and Dordogne. They hope that by selling at local markets they will be able to increase their French clientele.

cheese, sausage, bacon, gammon, beef -ready to order on line

Ray tells us
"Our British customers have loved trying out all the different flavoured sausages so we are now determined to conquer the French market. We hope to acheive this by offering our products at local producers markets and market pic nics such as the one held in Segur Le Chateau every week in the summer months.

Advance orders are taken for beef and lamb boxes and customers are contacted when the produce is ready.

Pork products are usually available immediately or within a few days of ordering. I am constantly curing bacon and gammons which are all dry cured, and the sausages I make in batches on a weekly basis.

The beef is hung for between two and three weeks which allows the meat to “relax” and produces the familiar delicious flavour.

If customers have special requirements or want to place an order for parties, we always do our best to accomodate. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements"

Visit the Boucherie à la Ferme online shop to place your order.


To find out more and see the full range of products on offer visit the Boucherie à la Ferme website. Market dates to be announced shortly so keep an eye on the site for details.

cheese, sausage, bacon, gammon, beef -ready to order on line

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