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Telecommunications in France


Telephones in France

Need help sorting out your telephone in France? Not sure how do you get the best deals on calls back to family and friends? These days there are lots of options when it comes to telephone communications - for more information on what is on offer, whether you're coming from the UK or further afield see our guide on land-lines, mobiles and latest
phone technology in France

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Computers & Internet in France ...

PC and Internet
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UK TV, Satellite, Sky in France plus French TV...

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Choosing a telephone for France

Advice and information on telecommunications in France

Three great tips to save money on your new telephone in France

March 2014
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Find out how to slash the cost of a new line installation, know which services can be suspended, and keep the monthly bills down... more...

Texting in French

Understanding the ki, kwa, kan, pk (who, what, when and why) Mobile phoneThere was a time when it was enough to be able to converse in the boulangerie and skim read the local journal to get by in France. But what should you do when a friend sends you a message like ‘mrci pr le kfe’? The answer is to text them back...more...

Land-lines, mobiles and the latest technology in France

girl talking on phoneTelephones are a must-have wherever you are. But when you live in France there's the added complication of finding the best deal for calling home. Today there's a wide choice of options - including those that make calls completely free. more...

How to save money on your telephone costs and have a better service

Save money on your phone billsThe time when there were few choices of companies to buy your telephone line and other services from has long passed, but with so many suppliers offering different deals it has never been harder to ensure that you have value for money. With the poor exchange rate and low levels of interest many peoples’ budgets are being squeezed and the search for good savings is more challenging than ever before. more...

Getting connected in France

Updated January 2014 TelecommunicationsUseful facts and tips about the phone system in France... more...

VOIP, cheaper phone bills - how to reduce your costs in France

Headset with built-in microphoneMany companies are now offering services to enable you to use your computer to speak to anyone in the world for free via your Internet connection. With a little coordination amongst your friends and family, it is very easy to set up... more...

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