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Provence Food & Drink

Food & Drink in Provence

Welcome to our Food & Drink in Provence zone - the best part of living in Provence! Your guide to Provençal culinary traditions, local recipes and restaurant reviews. If you would like to contribute a recipe or write a review, please email us.

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Taste of the Terroir: Provence Rosé

© odilepascal - Fotolia.comThe best way to understand what makes rosé wine from Provence so distinctive is to meet a handful of the 400 local winemakers at their estates on the Provence Wine Route, which stretches from Nice to the Camargue. more...

Bouillabaisse from Provence

A Marseille specialty BouillabaisseFor those that think Marseille is a somewhat scruffy, unpleasant place, just sit down in one of the restaurants along the Vieux Port and order a bouillabaisse - the most famous local seafood dish in town. It will soon change your mind about Marseille. more...

Best Wines to Drink with Bouillabaisse

Chateau de BerneAs always with fish, I tend to prefer white or rosés since I find red wines to take a “metallic” taste with fish dishes.  Granted, it could be strictly a personal preference since I obviously do not know how other people’s palates react. For Bouillabaisse, the choice is simple: a white or rosé de Provence. more...

Olive Oil Production in Provence

A Mediterranean Staple Olive OilThere would be no Mediterranean cuisine without olive oil. It was used on the island of Crete during the time of Minos, 2500AD and to this day olive oil is an integral part of any Mediterranean meal. more...

Herbes de Provence

Rosemary, thym, basil, savory.... Herbes de ProvenceOne would be hard pressed to find a kitchen in Provence that did not have a stash of Herbes de Provence by the stove. Native to Provence, this mixture of aromatic plants contain rosemary, marjoram, basil, savory and thyme. Many of these plants grow so abundantly in Provence ... more...

Provençal Cuisine

A brief list of terminology Crudites Mother Nature is abundantly generous in this part of the world, and Provençal cooking is naturally tasty and flavorsome due to the sun-kissed produce that is readily available in this region. Vegetables, sardines, anchovies, meat casseroles, ratatouille and pesto ... more...

A Favorite Recipe for Mussles

A “Moules-y” Morning in Avignon Bowl of Moules When I head for Les Halles without a specific menu in mind, I often find I am influenced by the weather outside. This morning it was very overcast in Avignon, so when I went past my fishmonger, the tiny little moules looked just perfect. And at 4,80E/kilo, the price was right ... more...

A Traditional Provençal Christmas Meal

Le Gros Souper and the 13 desserts 13 dessertsIn Provence, on Christmas Eve the family gathers for the traditional Christmas meal known as le Gros Souper (the big supper). This meal begins with seven meatless dishes, ending with the ritual number of 13 desserts symbolizing Christ and his 12 apostles. Today this tradition goes beyond religious beliefs and in many cases the 13 desserts comprise of other recipes ... more...

Pastis, the national drink of Provence

Made from star anise Bottle of Pastis and Two GlassesPastis is an institution in the South of France. It goes hand in hand with a game of pétanque on the village square. Pastis, meaning 'mixture' in the Provençal dialect, is made from a blend of concentrated alcohol, star anise, liquorice powder, water, sugar and an infusion of numerous Provençal plants such as thyme, rosemary, savory, sage and verbena. Pastis was developed in Marseille as a substitute for absinthe. more...

Paul Ricard's "Original Pastis of Marseille"

Bottle of RicardIn 1932, an enterprising young man, Paul Ricard, developed the formula for a new aniseed-based aperitif, Ricard, also known as 'pastis of Marseille'. Six years later, this aperitif made its entrance on the Parisian scene. In 1962, the Ricard company went public. Sales of Ricard reached 40 million litres in 1968 and 68 million litres by 1974. Ten years later, Ricard had sold more than a billion bottles. Ricard was also the first pastis to obtain the international ISO 9002 certification, issued by the French Quality Assurance Association in 1994. more...

The A.O.C Wines of Provence

Vines existed in Provence before the Greeks arrived in 600BC; however it was the Greeks, followed by the Romans, who introduced systematic growing and pruning. The region has a classic Mediterranean climate. more...

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