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French Tax Advice

Tax advisory service

The information here is provided by Blevins Franks Tax Limited, an international tax advisory service which offers advice relevant to both France and the UK. We hope this page will provide you with useful information on the important taxation aspects of moving to France or buying property there.

Blevins Franks Tax Limited forms part of the Blevins Franks Group, a leading European financial services group which provides tax, wealth management and estate planning services to private clients in the UK, France and around the world. We offer a number of specialist services including tax planning, investment management, asset protection, trustees, pensions, QROPS and QNUPS.

We have five regional offices in France. CLICK HERE for details of the office locations.

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Blevins Franks

French Succession Tax

How Much Will It Cost Your Heirs? © Nikolai Sorokin - Fotolia.comNew EU regulations will give you much more choice over whom British expatriates living in France can leave their assets to. Once in place, you will have much more freedom than you currently do to leave property, savings and investments etc to anyone you wish. more...

The double taxation agreement

Between the UK and France on inheritances Where will you be taxed?Are you or will you become a British expatriate living in France? Do you own property in France? Both France and the UK impose an inheritance tax, but which country will tax you? more...

Civil partnerships or PACS in France: how they work

French civil partnerships Prior to April 2009, if you had a UK civil partnership (CP) and moved to France, it was not recognised in France, and you were not be able to enter into the French equivalent known as PACS (Pacte Civil de Solidarité) unless the UK CP was dissolved first...

What happens to your UK investments if you move to France?

money red ribbonAs a French resident you are taxed on your worldwide income, which includes UK investment income. The investments that are tax-efficient in the UK are not tax-efficient elsewhere, such as France.

FAQ - French Tax

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions about tax in France.... FAQ

Blevins Franks

Founded in 1975, Blevins Franks provides bespoke integrated tax planning and wealth management to British expatriates, offering a cohesive financial planning service ... more about us...

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