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Useful French Phrases - season and other greetings

Christmas Xmas landscapeSEASONAL GREETINGS
Whether it be Christmas, Easter, birthday or any other occasion, here is what you need to say. Plus other useful phrases


Joyeux Noël – Merry Christmas

La période de Noël or la période des fêtes – the Christmas Season

Le pere Noël - Father Christmas

Le jour de Noël – Christmas Day

La veille de Noël – Christmas Eve

La carte de Noël – the Christmas card

L'arbre de Noël - the Christmas tree

Un soulier de Noël - (literally a Christmas shoe) is the equivalent of a Christmas stocking

Offrir un cadeau (de Noël) – to give a (Christmas) present

Other greetings...

Bonne Année – Happy New Year

Bonne Santé - Good health (also said at new year)

Meilleurs Voeux – Best Wishes

Bon Anniversaire – Happy Birthday

Joyeux Anniversaire – Happy Birthday to You

Joyeuses Pâques – Happy Easter

Joyeuses Fêtes – Happy Holidays

Words and phrases you may hear...

Une soirée – an evening party

Organiser une fête or donner une réception/soirée – to throw a party (the former expression is less formal than the latter)

Nous sommes invités chez eux - We're invited to their house.

On nous a invité a prendre un verre - They invited us for a drink.

Une invitation – an invitation

In an Emergency
At the Hairdresser
Buying a Property
Shopping for Clothes & Shoes
At the Post Office

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