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Retiring to France

If you are considering buying a holiday or permanent home in France as part of your retirement, it will be important to review the various implications and the changes coming in 2015 …

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Let The Seller Beware!

by Sally Dilks, Associate at Buckles Solicitors LLP Sellers of property in France are under an ever increasing obligation to better inform their buyers. Since 1 November 2007 sellers have been legally obliged to supply their buyers with a file

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French legal glossary

Finding your way around French legal terminology is not always easy. Here is a glossary of some of the most commonly used phrases and terms…

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New EU succession regulations raise concerns

French inheritance law is substantially different from the position in the UK. After much debate on the new EU succession regulations effective August 2015 it is still a fact that owning assets in another jurisdiction increases legal and tax complexity.

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Buying French property en viager

Have you heard of the film My Old Lady, starring Kevin Kline? Longevity is generally a cause for celebration but not perhaps for the person who purchased an apartment en viager.