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L’Étang Bleu Caravan Park

Your country retreat in the wonderful Limousin National Park Has owning a holiday home in France always been a dream? Let l’Étang Bleu offer you a unique opportunity to make your dream a reality in a truly beautiful location. This

La Noneix

La Noneix Construction & Property Services

Paul and Joanne Rands moved to France with their two young children and established a successful construction company, La Noneix Construction and Property Services, offering a full range of building services, from a small job right through to a total renovation.

Montaigut le Blanc

King of the Castle

Terry Ferdinand, who has a holiday home in the Creuse department, shares with us the delights of an unexpected trip around a local château. Terry and his wife were on their weekly shopping trip to Gueret but managed to fit in a fascinating history lesson en route.

The viaduct

Correze, the Millau Viaduct and the seaside

You are probably fed up with me always telling you how wonderful the French people are, and how amazing the architecture is and how stunningly beautiful are the hamlets and villages of rural France. Well this episode is slightly different and has a uniquely British slant to it.


Weather and Climate Trends in Limousin

It is often said that the weather in Limousin is wet, that it rains constantly and the sun is a rare sight. However, those of us who live here know that this is definitely not the case. Each department of Limousin experiences different weather…


Characteristics of Corrèze

In 1999 a department wide project was initiated. The plan was to highlight all that the Correze has to offer. Over the last few years this project has begun to bare fruit.

Limousin Lake

A Crash Course on Creuse

The department of the Creuse is situated in the center of France, within the region of Limousin.
Creuse is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution

Stream in La Trigalle

Derek Taylor on his property hunting trip to the Limousin

It was, I suppose, inevitable that we would eventually embark on a property hunting trip with the idea of finding somewhere to escape the UK and its lengthening list of reasons not to be there. Over the past few years we, like everyone else in possession of a TV in Britain…

Grange etable

The Beauty of the Limousin’s Ancient Architecture

In the past, writers or “the powerful” were known to laugh at the Limousin people as they considered their rural houses lacking in character. This judgement was hasty and more importantly, wrong. Limousin houses are original and vary from the use of different materials…


Highlights of Haute Vienne

Haute Vienne derives its name from the river that runs though the department. As the river is also the main waterway through Vienne, the “Haute” was added as the department …

Champagne 48 4

Property Guide – Limousin

If you believe all you read in the media about this department, it is quite the place to head if you are looking for a bargain home. With a very buoyant and inviting property market, in many respects it is understandably so. Located in the hilly southwest of France…