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Settling into French life

Working as a property finder, people often ask Jacqueline how easy it is to settle into French life. She finds inspiration in Lynn, who took to her new life in France like a duck to water.


A property finder on Channel 4

As a long term fan of the Channel 4 programme ‘A Place in the Sun’, I was delighted when they asked me to be the local property expert on a show they were filming in my area last week. The

Maison de campagne et son allée

The best places to buy property in France right now

We are always looking to spotlight the best places to buy property in France, so we asked Gaëlle Perreaux-Booth, manager of FrenchEntrée Property, for her main recommendations and here’s what we found: France has many well-known areas where foreigners flock

Thezan les Beziers, looking out over the Herault region of the Languedoc

Update from the Languedoc

The “real” South of France by Neale Roberts, Property Finder in the area of Carcassone, Béziers and Narbonne in the south of France.

Sophia Mose property October 2013

Buying a Home in Provence

Once you’ve found your dream house in France the next step is negotiating the price. Top tips from our Property Finder in Provence…

jenny and john finistere

Restoring a derelict house in Brittany

In August 2012 Jenny (a management consultant) and her partner John (a builder) moved to Huelgoat in Brittany, where they are currently converting a local property into their dream home. Here, they tell us the ups and downs of such a project.