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red grapes

Looking to buy a vineyard in France?

With more than 123,000 hectares, the Bordeaux vineyards are the largest vine region in the world. Amongst the 10,000 châteaux dotted around this area, you can find vineyards which produce some of the most renowned wines in the world.

Wine property AOC Bordeaux

French vineyards surge in popularity

FrenchEntrée recently reported on a surge of interest in gîtes and gîte complexes, offering investors a home in France and a means of making money… but there are other options. Vineyards in France are also high on the wish list says Gaëlle Perreaux, FrenchEntrée Property Services Manager.

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Purchasing a vineyard in France: top tips

For those relocating to France and looking for a business opportunity vineyards can be a very appealing option, after all they are a wine lover’s paradise. The reality of running a vineyard is that it is both rewarding and hard work. Here are our top ten tips about purchasing a vineyard…

market in france - ducklings

Buying and selling animals at market

A local market is one of the most common places to buy ducks, chickens and other animals for your smallholding. Topic host, Steve Hanson, who goes to market to sell his piglets, gives some advice on how to do things

dartmoor sheep inside

Dartmoor sheep

When smallholders Tracey and Steve Hull moved to France to farm full-time, they couldn’t bear to leave behind their grey-faced Dartmoor sheep. Absolute fans, they believe this traditional UK breed are the perfect sheep for smallholders – even in France. Tracey explains why…