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Two French Cookbooks

Waiting for your next French holiday…

It’s that time of year. You’ve made arrangements for your trip to France. Whether you are revisiting for the umpteenth time or whether it is your first trip, you experience those moments of anticipation, frustration and impatience because you just

buttes chaumont paris

The best gardens and parks of Paris

At times we all need to escape the frenetic pace of city life, and luckily France’s capital has no end of green spaces. Read on to discover Florence Derrick’s top three parks in which to steal a breath of fresh air in Paris.

Sarlat geese

Flocking to Sarlat’s annual goose festival

Sarlat-la-Canéda is the heart of the Dordogne Valley and the capital of the Périgord’s gastronomic specialities: walnuts, black truffles and, most of all, foie gras. Florence Derrick ‘takes a gander’ at the town’s annual celebration of goose-based cuisine, Sarlat en Périgord Fest’Oie

Chez Providence

B&B in the unspoilt Pays Cathare

Located 20 minutes north of Carcassonne, with ‘La Cite’ and le Canal du Midi, (UNESCO sites), Chez Providence sits in the unspoilt Cabardès in a medieval mountain village surrounded by nature. Christina and Nico offer you their B&B in a

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Winter in Brittany

Brittany tends to get overlooked in the winter. It only has one mountain peak, which is the mysterious and magical Menez Hom, but at 381 metres it certainly isn’t the place for a ski resort. Think of Brittany in winter and

Paris Tourist Office - Photographer - Amélie Dupont

Thoughts on returning to Paris

While engaged in a conversation discussing the recent terrorist events in Paris, I was asked if I was going to move forward with my plans to visit France later this year. The question caught me slightly off guard. Of course

A Superior room, immaculately conceived by Jacques Garcia

A luxury Paris hotel: Fouquet’s Barrière

In which Justin Postlethwaite discovers that, although the City of Light has many fine hotels, the famille Barrière have taken style, service and elegance to new heights… *Author’s note: this a ridiculously fawning review of a fancy hotel, for which

Musée Vert, Le Mans

Quiet France – 5 Places to Avoid the Crowds

Stepping off the beaten track is becoming more and more popular with visitors to European cities. To paraphrase Chesterton, there is a difference between travellers and tourists. “The traveller sees everything that he sees. The tourist sees only what he

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Surviving the Soldes

While Papa Noël, Father Christmas and Santa Claus enjoy a well-needed rest after quite a busy holiday season, an even livelier season is taking hold throughout France: the winter sales! Shop and boutique windows everywhere are displaying the word SOLDES!