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The main government organizations, resources and services in France all in one place.
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Emergency Numbers

  A handy list of important numbers:   These are important numbers for the emergency services in France. You can…

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Vegan and Vegetarian Holidays in France

Situated in Mirabel-aux-Baronnies between the Roman town of Vaison La Romaine and Nyons, Les Aigles is the ideal location for seeing all the sights of Provence, walking, cycling and of course tasting the many Cote du Rhone wines. The Gite

Photo by Daoro via Flickr

Gardening in France: Marching into spring

In preparation for the sunny days of spring, an experienced garden designer shares a few tips to get busy in the final weeks of winter in order to get your garden ready for a vibrant rebirth.

Chicken Pie_opt

Winter recipe – chicken, leek and Comté pie

Comté cheese is a pressed, cooked cheese from the Massif du Jura region in eastern France. Its nutty flavour makes it perfect for hearty winter recipes such as this take on a British classic: chicken and leek pie. Combined with tarragon

Comme une francaise order a coffee

How to order a coffee in France

VIDEO: we understand how challenging it can be to get through the simplest things in a foreign language. In this episode of Comme Une Française TV, we learn how to order a coffee in France.

Le Jour Se Leve

Film review: Le Jour Se Lève

Le Jour Se Lève Director: Marcel Carné Cert: PG Running time: 91 mins To mark 75 years since it was released, Marcel Carné’s outright classic comes to DVD and Blu-Ray in all of its restored, uncut cinematic glory. This gorgeous

photo by Will Clayton via Flickr

Soul food from Burgundy: coq au vin

A classic French dish made with chicken braised in red wine. With its deep colour and rich flavour this coq au vin recipe is the perfect slow-food to make any dinner guest feel special.

Photo: Mustapha Ennaimi

The game of pétanque, a French institution

Pétanque is one of the most popular pastimes in France and can trace its origins to Provence, where it goes hand in had with animated conversation and an apéritif. The goal is to throw steel balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called the cochonnet in an attempt to knock the opponent’s boules out of the way.

Photo by Mark Mitchell via Flickr

Who’s visiting Paris in 2015?

Paris, City of Light, the world’s most popular tourist destination and the most romantic city on the planet. But how many tourists visit Paris each year, and where do they travel from? How many boulangeries are there in the capital?