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The main government organizations, resources and services in France all in one place.
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Emergency Numbers

  A handy list of important numbers:   These are important numbers for the emergency services in France. You can…

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September Gardening

The time of year when there’s still plenty of colour in the garden, yet nights start to draw in. Days are getting shorter and there’s gardening to be done.


Residential French Language Courses

Join us in the heart of the Vendée at Le Château du Poiron – Our inspiring residential courses will make you feel at home and immerse you in the French language and culture – Build your confidence with structured tuition,

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Natural paints make a comeback

Fresco paintings dating back hundreds of years are in remarkable condition. Paints using pure ingredients like chalk and lime are nowavailable in France.

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En vacances: the great August hiatus in France

  Go anywhere in France in August and it’s hard to miss; the entire country is en fête. Blue, white and red bunting draped above the roads, geraniums bursting with colour on windowsills, posters on every lamp post heralding upcoming

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Shabby chic: French style born in the USA

So many things today are labelled shabby chic. The style is everywhere and usually thought to have originated in France – hence the term ‘French shabby chic‘. It might therefore be surprising to learn that the concept actually began in

3D Wine Club

Meet the French wine gift club

Fans of quality boutique wines and the stories behind them can enjoy a year of vinous discoveries with 3D Wines – a unique wine club and wine gift business. 3D Wines was established over 20 years ago, for wine lovers


Taste the flavours of Auvergne

While on holiday in Auvergne, take the time to savour the local cuisine! Auvergne’s cheeses While Auvergne is most well-known for its volcanoes, the region is also famous for its cheeses, making up one quarter of the entire French PDO

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Thinking about running a business in France?

It’s daunting enough trying to set up a business in your own country, in your own language, but to do so in a foreign country can be frightening. To give you a helping hand, here are a few pointers about how to run a business in France.

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France to ban plastic bags in supermarkets

The days of “traditional” plastic bags are counted. France is banning the use of non-reusable plastic bags in supermarkets and shops effective January 2016. The measure aims to reduce the effect of plastic bags on the environment. Notably the threat

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Grilled Mushrooms with Pélardon Goat’s Cheese

Pelardon, a little round of goat’s cheese, has been produced since Roman times in the Languedoc, and now is produced in five departments surrounding the Gard and the Cévennes region. Here is a little taste of its history and a delicious way to serve it!