Education in France

A complete guide to schools and studying


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Did you ever study in France? Join the club!

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a new “France Alumni” social network for former foreign students to keep in touch with each other and keep their connection with France alive.

Andrea Bouchaud twenty in paris

Living and studying in Paris

Andrea knew she wanted to live in France ever since her first day of French class when she was 13 years old…

IBS classroom

Bilingual Schools in Provence

“IBS Classroom” For families wishing to ensure their children are prepared for both the French Baccalauréat and either the English or American university system, there are a number of bilingual international schools in Provence.

Map of Toulouse

What’s on in the Midi-Pyrénées

There are all sorts of events being planned throughout the year in the Midi-Pyrénées region. Here’s our pick of the bunch, from springtime carnivals in Albi and Castres to local food festivals and major music concerts.

Graduation ceremony

A British education at home in France

Would you like to gain a qualification that will help you develop or change your career, or perhaps study for personal interest and indulge your passion for a particular subject? The UK’s Open University (OU) could provide just what you’re looking for.

Ellie Cobbe

Living and studying in Paris

Ellie Cobbe spent six months studying in the French capital and met a wealth of different people from all different backgrounds with one shared philosophy: a desire to live and learn in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Judo club

Extra-curricular activities

In France, the school day is long and children spend much of their time sitting behind a desk. They do, however, have a day off from school mid-week, providing an opportunity to practise sport or take on other hobbies.

La salle de classe

Moving teenagers to a French school

When Beth Ducat moved to France, she gave her two teenage daughters, Emma and Alex, the choice to stay in the UK or come to France with her. They chose the latter. Here, Beth tells how her daughters coped with their new French school…

Going to school in France

Starting school in France

Holly was 12 when her family moved from Beaminster in Dorset to the Mayenne in France and had to go to a French school. Find out how she got on…

Kids camp

Les colonies de vacances

Holiday camps for children (colonies de vacances) are not unheard of in the UK but in France they are a national institution. During the school holidays, French children aged from four up to 18 are sent away from home for several activity filled weeks.

Cabinet Madier

Materials & Provisions

Parents are expected to purchase a number of items for their child’s education. A list of these can be obtained from the school or sometimes from the Mairie. Here is …

SARL Autize Immo

French state education – an introduction

French state education is well-organised, well-funded and with generally average to high standards in comparison to other European countries. The state system is also complemented by a comprehensive network of Private Schools including international schools…

Bella Mia

Primary Schools (ecole Primaire)

The basic tools of development French primary schools (also known as “écoles élémentaire”) cover the ages six to eleven with five courses of study, one for each year: CP – Cours Preparatoire CE1 – Cours Elementaire 1st year CE2 –

Classroom with Teenagers

Secondary Schools in France

Secondary education is compulsory until the age of 16 and includes attendance at a college until age 15. At 15 the next steps are decided by examination. The higher ranking students will have the opportunity…

Cabinet Madier3

School Selection

Which school? There are around 57,000 nursery and primary schools and 7,400 lycées in France so there is plenty of choice ! But of course most people will want to know where the nearest schools are in relation to an area they might consider moving to. A good place to start is to check the website of the nearest Académie…

Students in Lecture Hall

French Private Schools

Around 15% of children in France attend private school of one kind or another. Schools come in many forms: international, catholic, American, British, day and boarding, French and bi-lingual.
Not surprisingly …