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The French Property Finders

Become a French property finder

Our property finder business model has been proven over the last five years and we are confident that you can be successful. …

Julie Kilgallon

My interior design business in France

Julie Kilgallon is a qualified interior designer based on the French Riviera. She grew up in Manchester and was inspired by her mother’s soft furnishing business to pursue a career in interior design.


A Blacksmith, A Wood Turner and A Stone Mason

It was June 2008 & it was after a couple of afternoons of frantic work in order to create something to display in the gallery at the Hotel Le Grézalide in Grezes, that the idea for ‘La Semaine Créative’ (creative week) was born.
David Low, a decorative wrought ironworker, along with Frédéric Grousset, a wood turner, had frequently collaborated on projects


Employing People in France

In my experience the French Police and Courts are cracking down on people who illegally employ workers (who, more often than not, are foreigners). This might be done through blissful ignorance – but the Courts do not always accept ignorance as a defence plea.

Cabane et Castel in Castelnau Montratier

Image not found.Looking for a special gift, some new furnishings or interior design ideas for your home? Look no further than Cabane et Castel a wonderful treasure-trove of special objects in Castelnau Montratier. Caroline and Charlie will be delighted to meet you and discuss your requirements…

Running a New Business in South West France

Image not found.This month we feature an interview with Jason and Michelle Aplin creators and owners of Evolution Motorhomes – a motorhome rental business, based in the Lot et Garonne. After two years of research and careful planning they now have a thriving family business…

Job Centres In The Tarn & Aveyron

Once you have an address in the area, the first task to complete is to register with the ANPE (agence national pour l’emploi), it is the French equivalent of the job centre.

Paperwork – how long do I keep it?!

Image not found.Despite technology leaps and the need to recycle our paper, French residents are still required to save in hard copy a whole stack of papers and documents – some for a relatively short time, others for a lifetime…