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Cheques, credit and debit cards in France

While your existing cards will be accepted in most sizeable shops, service stations and restaurants, you may find a few differences in the way bank cards and cheques work in France.

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Choosing a financial adviser

In the UK, if you need taxation, inheritance, investment or pension planning, you would contact an independent financial adviser. As these issues are even more important when starting a new life abroad, it is common sense to do the same.

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Financial services in France

The financial services industry is organised very differently in France to the UK. Separate rules and regulations exist for the three main industries offering financial products.

Pension benefits France

Make the most of your UK pension

It is now possible for expatriate Britons to export their pension funds out of the UK. Jane Goodall, Director, International Pensions, at Blevins Franks, explains how it works

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Claiming winter fuel allowance in France

Can you reside in France and still claim the British Government’s winter fuel allowance? The good news is that the answer is maybe – you could get between £100 and £300 to help pay your heating bills if you were born on or before 5 July 1951 – but there are a number of conditions and exceptions.

Bank RIBs

RIB stands for RELEVE D’IDENTITE BANCAIRE, meaning ‘statement of banking identity’, and these very useful documents. It is always a good idea to…


Paying bills in France

Escaping to your dream home in France unfortunately doesn’t mean escaping from paying the bills. The system, however, is not to dissimilar to that in the UK