Healthcare in France

Your complete guide to the French healthcare system



Healthcare rights for early retirees

If you quality as an early retiree, make sure you stay ahead of the rules and regulations in order to receive the same healthcare rights as French nationals.

Exclusive Healthcare National Helpline

Pre-move planning? French NHS? Top-Up? Private Health Insurance? We can help you… UK: +44 (0) 121 288 1448 France: +33 (0) 546 882 238 or +33 (0) 494 403 145 This is an online service provided by a separate division

The gym

Give your gym vocab a work out

Gym equipment can be confusing at the best of times – even when the instructions are in English. So welcome to our essential guide to vocab for the gym. Or, we should say, “la salle de sport”.


Accessing the French healthcare system

The WHO regularly rates the French healthcare system as amongst the best in the world. So for UK nationals planning a move to France, the question is not “can France offer me the same standard of healthcare as the UK?” but “how will I get access to the benefits of the French health service?”

Seeking medical help

Campaigning for State Health Cover

Ever since the French Government withdrew the right to basic health cover for EU nationals, Exclusive Healthcare has played an active part in resolving some of the problems this change has caused for UK residents living in, or about to move to, France.

Exclusive healthcare

Keeping your independence in older age

A recent survey in France has revealed that one in three men, and nearly half of all women, face total dependency on care homes or qualified assistance in their homes. So, with more and more people living longer, how can you keep your independence?

Non EU passports

Visa requirement for health insurance

British citizens don’t need a visa to stay or work in France. But all EU citizens still need health insurance if they are planning to live permanently in France. For FrenchEntrée readers in the US, Australia and beyond, you require a valid health insurance certificate as a prerequisite to obtaining a visa.


Advice on diabetes in France

In 2008, Roger and Agnes Williams relocated to France from west Wales. One of the main benefits has been better health care options for their four-year-old son, Ioan, who has type 1 diabetes.

If you need glasses take a look at this…

Here at Exclusive Healthcare, we are proud of our realistic and practical approach to healthcare insurance provision. We are always working hard to give you the best advice, offer the best products and to provide the best cover possible at

Life line

Dealing with health costs in hard times

Five years on, the effects of the global financial crisis are still being felt by many people around the world – including those living in France. The poor £/Euro exchange rate has hit people living on fixed incomes – especially pensioners – and those relying on investment income. Here, experts from Exclusive Healthcare have put together their “survival tips” to help you through hard times.

Health Insurance Forms

“E” Forms and Dependent Beneficiary Status Explained

Over the last six months there have been some significant changes to the health insurance procedures in France. Here Larry Fulton of Exclusive Healthcare gives us an update on who qualifies for which benefits under the “E”forms, and explains how Dependent Beneficiary Status works.

What to look for when choosing private health insurance

The ongoing row over the removal of state health cover for some EU residents in France has put the spotlight on private health insurance. If you find yourself in need of private cover, here’s what you need to consider whether making your choice