Brittany Property Guide

Buying a Home in Brittany

Annaliza Davis reveals why this idyllic area of France, which is a just a short hop across the Channel, is such a hit with overseas property buyers and visitors alike…Justly famous for its coast, richly verdant countryside, history and heritage,

How to Find a Good Builder in Brittany

If you own property in Brittany, it is likely that you will undertake some building or renovation work on it at some point, and that you will need some advice or the help of a professional to get it right. From new builds to restorations, there are…


Where to Buy in France Now: Loudéac, Brittany

Ready to make the move? The FrenchEntrée Property Services team reveal their top search areas – on and off the beaten track… LOUDÉAC Brittany This traditional, pretty market town lies at the heart of Brittany, in the campagne of the Côtes-d’Armor

Picturesque Saint-Gelven on the north side of the Lac de Guerlédan is a great place to relax, watched over by the ruins of the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Bon-Repos

Buying Hostspots – Lac de Guerlédan, Brittany

Ready to make the move? The FrenchEntrée Property Services team reveal their top search areas – on and off the beaten track… LAC DE GUERLÉDAN Brittany Home of crêpes, Fest-Noz and the pink granite coast, Brittany has long been a

Betting on Brittany

Kim and James Hoffmeister took a leap of faith when they moved their family to a pint sized town-house in rural Brittany. They tell FrenchEntrée why  they’re now living the dream…   FRENCHENTRÉE MAGAZINE: What brought you to France? KIM

Map of Brittany

A Guide to the Departments of Brittany – Bretagne

Map of Brittany (Bretagne) The region of Brittany (Bretagne) remained unchanged during the restructuring of France’s regions in January 2016. The regional capital is Rennes. It’s made up of the following four departments: Côtes-d’Armor, Finistère, Ille-et-Vilaine, Morbihan. To find property

Manor house exterior show

Authentic Manor House for sale in Brittany

For Sale – rare chance to buy an authentic Manor from the 18th century, situated in central Brittany, with over 3.5 hectares of land (including woodland and fields) €375,000 (Incl. agency fees). Main part over 3 levels, around 300sq: Downstairs:

renovated farmhouse in Brittany

Renovated Farmhouse for Sale in Brittany

For Sale – Situated in beautiful Brittany countryside, an entirely renovated farmhouse in the Guéméné sur Scorff area with 7759 m² of land – €170,400 (Incl. agency fees) Ground Floor : Living room, dining room, fully fitted kitchen 1st Floor : 2

Creperie store in Brittany France

Brittany Vs Normandy

We assess the benefits of buying in two popular regions of France, kicking off with a real pair of northern heavyweights………….

Britanny property chaumiere

A Property Guide to Brittany

Thinking of buying a property in Brittany? This article is an introductory guide to the region covering climate, landscape, attractions, access, property styles and prices.

Photo by Frédérique Voisin-Demery

Far Breton, a sweet treat from Brittany

The Far Breton is a flan-based dessert originally from Brittany. Available in many versions, the Farz Forn remains the most well known, with additions like rum or plum liqueur.

The sea during winter in Brittany

Winter in Brittany

Brittany tends to get overlooked in the winter. It only has one mountain peak, which is the mysterious and magical Menez Hom, but at 381 metres it certainly isn’t the place for a ski resort. Think of Brittany in winter

Photo by WikiJM via Flickr

Kouign-aman: a buttery indulgence from Brittany

A traditional pastry from Douarnenez, Brittany, a Kouign-amann means butter cake and is made from risen dough, but using the same method as for flaky pastry… a little effort for a tasty reward.

jenny and john

Restoring a Derelict House in Brittany

In August 2012 Jenny (a management consultant) and her partner John (a builder) moved to Huelgoat in Brittany, where they are currently converting a local property into their dream home. Here, they tell us the ups and downs of such a project.

What’s on in Brittany

Visit the region famous for its traditional dancing and the buttery goodness of its local cuisine and you’ll be spoiled for choice with foodie fairs and festivals keeping old customs alive.

A bible

Christ Church Brittany

Christ Church Brittany began, as many good things do, in a very small way back in 1999, in Ploërmel. Since then, Christ Church has grown and now has three worship centres: the original one in Ploërmel, a second at Rostrenen in central Brittany and a third in Huelgoat in Finistère.

Running a gite in Brittany

Jill Harrison runs a gîte business in Brittany. Having spent the past 10 years in France, she considers how life has changed since she left the UK behind for a farmhouse in France and offers an insight into what it takes to be in business.

How to Spend £100,000 in Brittany

If you have £100,000 to spend on a coastal property in France, what can you get for your money? FrenchEntrée Property Consultant Gaëlle Perreaux looks at the options in Brittany and the south of France

Working from home in Brittany

Nicky Whenman moved from Essex to Malestroit in Brittany six years ago. Here, she tells FrenchEntrée why she chose to settle in the region and how she found a way to work from home so she could be there for her children.

brittany map

A Guide to Brittany’s Departments

Each of Brittany’s departments is different, and each holds its own appeal for British buyers. Before deciding on where to concentrate your search, consider factors such as budget, the type …

Family friends: dog breeds from Brittany

The Brittany Spaniel is one of the descendents of the Chien d’Oysel, a breed trained in the Middle Ages for netting game birds. He is the product of the initially accidental nineteenth-century crossbreeding of Brittany farm dogs…

Childbirth in Brittany

Image not found.”I’ve done something really stupid”, Kate looked at me with tears in her eyes. “You’ve scratched one of my records haven’t you?” I was joking, but I knew in my heart what it was …


Our House in Brittany

Jayne and I had been planning an exit strategy for a while! To escape the rat race, we planned to buy a boat and sail the world in very slow time…


Why the British Move to Brittany

“Dol-de-Bretagne”There are several reasons which immediately spring to mind: ease of access from the south coast English ports of Plymouth, Poole and Portsmouth; the climate…

Photo by Alex Brown via Flickr

Brittany cider: a treat for all seasons

Breton ciders are a clear or cloudy beverage made from apples, with a fine foamy head and bubbles in the body of the liquid. Delicious summer and winter, and the perfect partner to a galette Bretonne.

A syringe, vials of COVID-19 vaccine and a medical face mask

News Digest: Vaccinations Update

According to the latest report from Santé Public France, France has now registered a total of 105,130 Covid-19-related deaths. There were 311 additional deaths reported in the 24 hours to Monday, and a total of 5,630 serious cases in intensive

Macron at school

News Digest: Deconfinement: A Regional Approach in Stages

In France, the latest report provided by health authorities concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, has revealed at least 5,498,044 confirmed total cases, with +24,465 of those coming in the 24 hours to Sunday. The death toll now stands at 102,858, a

Closed sign

News Digest: Mid-may Reopening for Restaurants and Museums?

In France, the last report provided by health authorities concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, has revealed at least 5,296,222 confirmed cases, a rise of 6,696 in the 24 hours to Monday. The total number of deaths now stands at 101,180, with

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News Digest: First Drive-in Vaccination Centre

In France, the latest report provided by health authorities concerning Covid-19, shows at least 5,067,216 total confirmed cases, an increase of 8,536 in the 24 hours to Monday. There have now been 99,135 deaths in total, with 385 additional deaths

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News Digest: New Lockdown in France

In France, the latest Covid-19 update provided by health authorities shows at least 4,833,263 confirmed cases in total, an increase of 10,793 in the 24 hours to Monday. The total number of deaths is now 96,847, with 197 additional deaths

PM getting his jab

News Digest: Vaccinations Update

The latest report provided by French health authorities concerning Covid-19 shows at least 4,298,395 confirmed cases in total, with 15,792 new cases in the 24 hours to Monday. There were 343 deaths in the same period, bringing the death toll

AstraZeneca Jab

News Digest: AstraZeneca Jab on Hold in France

The latest report from Santé Public France shows that France has now registered a total of 90,762 Covid-19 related deaths. This includes 333 deaths in hospitals and 6,471 new confirmed cases in the 24 hours to Monday. Weekend figures are

Waiter pouring wine to a masked customer

News Digest: Discussions on the Reopening of Restaurants

In France, the latest assessment provided by health authorities concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, has reported at least 3,909,560 confirmed cases, with 5,327 of those coming in the 24 hours to Monday. This brings the total number of deaths from the

Portrait of woman wearing protection mask in museum

News Digest: Reopening of Tourism and Culture

In France, the latest report provided by Santé Public France concerning the Covid-19 pandemic shows at least 3,760,671 confirmed cases in total, with 4,703 of those emerging in the 24 hours to Monday. There were 375 additional deaths in the

Girl holding tray with delicious food in school canteen, closeup

News Digest: Protests as Meat Taken off School Menu in Lyon

According to the latest report from Santé Public France, there were 160 additional deaths in hospitals in the 24 hours to Sunday, bringing the total number of deaths to 84,306. There were 22,046 new cases confirmed in the same 24