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Alison Turriff

About the author:

Alison has worked in Scotland and England in secondary and higher education as a lecturer and trainer and is now a researcher, English tutor and academic proofreader.

She lives in the Charente and enjoys gardening, cooking and films. She has recently been elected to be a municipal councillor.


Articles by Alison Turriff

Pumpkin at French market

How to Be a Vegetarian in France

As a vegetarian in France, eating out can be difficult, to say the least. There must be vegetarian French people, but where are they? Perhaps they stay at home to eat. On many occasions I have been assured of a

Less Style Council, more My Council

As one of the newly elected municipal councillors in a small commune, what kinds of things do we discuss? From school buses, to bins, to verge cutting, to complaints about roads, noise and neighbours, life’s rich tapestry is represented. I