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Bob Elliott is the Commercial Director of UKTelecom, provider of broadband, mobile and UK TV services in France.  With more than fifteen years of experience in the French telecoms market for English-speaking expats., Bob provides useful tips and advice in this fast moving market including broadband availability and call packages, catch-up UK TV and how to get the fastest speed from your broadband.

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Moving Home – Broadband Suppliers in France

  Moving home within France – reviewing broadband choices in the current market   Check the broadband availability In addition to following the guidance in the first of this services there are some other things to consider to make sure

Broadband in French Holiday Homes

  A Special Free Service for Holiday Home Owners French Property and its Broadband   Most of our customers within this group either have gîtes that they rent to holiday makers and they are nearby to help with everyday things.

Optional Broadband Features in France

The digital world has come a long way in a short time. Now you can get many TV stations, Pay Per View and other premium services as added services…

How to Improve your French Broadband Speed

Maintaining the quality of your Broadband Service in France (keeping it at peak performance)   This bullet point check list should be kept handy to speed up the technical support you get: The telephone number of your telecom company’s support

Broadband for Your New French Property

Found your ideal French property – the next steps to get the best broadband. You may already know from the property details if there is access to a broadband service

Broadband and Mobile When Travelling in France

Starting your French telephone and broadband journey France is a big country and your search may take you to several places before you settle on your preferred location. French Entrée has great advice on structuring your property search so you

Broadband in France

Buying a Property in France – The telephone and broadband journey   In today’s interconnected world having access to a reliable and fast broadband service is not a luxury but an essential. From everyday banking and shopping needs to keeping

Getting Your Broadband on Track – FAQs

  Bob Elliott separates the wheat from the chaff and rounds up the best broadband packages and deals in France   Q. How do broadband packages in France compare to the UK? A. Twenty per cent of UK customers could

Broadband Costs Rocket for Second Home Owners!

There is nothing as consistent as change, and in the world of telecoms change is usually more frequent and by and large beneficial.   With well over half a million UK owners of holiday property in France and the need

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Broadband for Holiday Homes

How can we ensure we maximise bookings in France’s very competitive Gite and Holiday Home market? Each year there seems to be some new advice. Once access to broadband became more available there was a huge interest in owners wanting/needing