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Gemma is a food writer, who lived in France for eight years, and now divides her time between her cottage in the rural Dordogne and her home in the UK.

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Tips For Vegans in France:

“Don’t try to translate ‘vegan’; most people will look at you blankly. You can attempt to explain, but they may not be able to comprehend this concept, because it is so alien to most French people…

Foie Gras Production

“I spent several days with Isabelle Viresolvit, on her duck farm in rural Périgord – one of the regions, which claims to be THE foie gras-producing region of France. I watched Isabelle work and we discussed her methods for producing foie gras. She started…”

Find out the facts on production methods of the controversial foie gras.

French Markets & Supermarkets

The differences between supermarket stock and that of the markets and individual shops. What do you get for your money?

French Seafood Vocabulary

you are bewildered by the range of seafood, the names, and the questions you are asked at the seafood counter, this should help!

The ‘Vendange’ Meals

If anyone has done a village grape-harvest in France, you will know that it is generally a day’s work, with a meal afterwards as a ‘thank-you’. It is a wonderful occasion, as everyone works together, to get the job done

La Poissonnerie Moderne

One of the reasons I was so excited about moving to France was the French fish markets. The amazing array of sparklingly fresh seafood in a poissonnerie makes me feel like a hungry child in a sweet shop, and since

Free Food Now!

Find out what’s free in the French countryside right now. Forage for fruit, berries, vegetables, mushrooms, leaves, herbs, flowers and even water creatures…

Fresh & Creamy Cabécous

Cheese: Cabécou
Age: Usually bought and eaten at just over one week up to a couple of weeks old, when the flesh starts to go gooey, and the skin is soft, white and loose. The very strong and…

Charcuterie Suggestion

Charcuterie:Anchaud Périgourdin

What is it?: It is a rolled pork joint, cooked slowly in either its own fat or goose fat. Herbs and garlic are rolled into…