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Sharon’s passion for design was awaked by personal experience. The first house she bought together with her husband in Berkshire had been designed by a Canadian architect in 1967 and opened her eyes to the difference that design can make in our everyday lives, and developed her taste for something different.  Ever since, Sharon has taken an interest in modern architecture and classic cars, and collects mid-century furniture.

Sharon lives in central Brittany in her third house in 11 years, as her husband Alan loves DIY renovation. Their current home in France was designed by architect Michel Velly in 1978.

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Villa Savoie ©Enduser/CMN/ Le Courvoisier

Design Notes: Modernist Architecture in France

France has some truly outstanding modernist and contemporary architecture, not just public buildings but also private dwellings. Many represent excellent value for money as they provide large, light, airy living spaces plus the bonus of living in an extraordinary, unique environment and a piece of architectural history.