British Expats - the word brexit in a fusion of European and British flag

The UK press are reporting that “HUNDREDS of thousands of British Expats are to be granted the right to carry on living on the Continent after Brexit.”

Senior government figures have reportedly, told business leaders that only “a few” of the 27 European Union member states are yet to agree the outline of a “reciprocal rights” deal for Britons in the EU, and EU nationals living here.

The Government said no agreements had yet been struck, but there is speculation that any deal agreed will be announced at a key EU summit in Brussels next month.

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May told business leaders at the CBI on Monday: “I want an early agreement on the status of UK nationals in Europe and EU nationals here, so that you and they can plan with certainty.”

Westminster sources are quoted as saying Mrs May had raised the issue of reciprocal rights for Britons overseas and EU nationals in the UK in her talks with other leaders in recent months.

Although the above sounds like good news for Expats living in Europe the Telegraph is quoting a Government source saying: “We hope and expect to guarantee the reciprocal rights of EU and British citizens, but this is premature and wrong. No deals have been struck, formal or informal.

“The Government has been clear that it wants to see this issue resolved, as long as that can be done in both directions.”