Allez-Français SARL was created in 2001, and started selling houses in S W France in January 2002. The business now enjoys one of the best reputations of agencies working in the market place, founded upon the quality of their service above everything else.

“We have very much a 21st Century approach, whilst still retaining the essential qualities of traditional ethics”, says Peter Elias, Managing Director and Founder of the Company. “We have no offices, and therefore our marketing is principally on line and via the printed media, but a terrific number of our sales come via sources related to previous clients”, he added.


The business has a very highly acclaimed website, updated hourly throughout the week, so it is always absolutely right up to date. The website is not just a source of finding 200 plus properties for sale, there is an extensive Library section with articles of interest to buyers, sellers and those living or owning in France.

Perhaps the most defining aspect about the Allez-Français website when you visit it is, apart from the ease of use, the quality of the images that are used to present the properties. “Our agents all use quality digital SLR cameras, with suitable lenses for interior images, and most images are taken on tripods, rather than hand held. I have been at a property whilst a rival agency has also been taking on a property, and they have taken all of their images on a mobile phone, in the time that I am using to set-up”, Peter added.



The property details are also carefully written, with more detail than most rival agencies. The details are also supplemented by floor plans in most cases and a location map, so that buyers can get a feel for the house before any visits are planned.

If you are interested in viewing, then you will need to book in advance as everything is strictly by appointment, and generally planned around a week in advance. No last-minute dot com visits here. This is part of our professional approach, and benefits both buyer & seller as they see that we offer quality visits rather than the quantity.

The properties offered for sale are generally of good quality, selected for their situation or potential, and must be within our requirements for value for money. Unlike some agencies, we are do not list “optimistically” or over-priced properties. We perhaps turn down 1 in 4 houses that are offered to us because they are either over priced or not suited to our marketing plans.



We cover a large area of S W France for a relatively small company. Principally though, the departments with the most properties on our books are: Charente, Corrèze, Deux Sèvres, Dordogne, Haute-Vienne, Lot and the Vienne, although we do have a small selection in other departments also.

Because we are very selective about the properties that we choose to market – we don’t want 16,000 listings like one agency – we also have a higher success rate on our sales, which is good news for both our vendors & buyers, of course.

In addition to our superb website, we also use Social Media very actively, with dedicated Facebook, Twitter, Property Blog and Monthly Newsletter.


Our independent home-based sales negotiators have an average of over 10 years’ experience of living and selling houses in France, which gives us an excellent understanding of local markets. You can be secure in the knowledge that you are in the hands of fully registered, insured and experienced agents, experts in their business, with excellent local contacts.

Pound for pound is a ranking used in sports, to judge who is the better of opponents, regardless of size. In the French property world, there are large agents, and minnows, each has their place, but pound for pound, we think that we are the best.

Allez-Français … selling houses, not just marketing them. A small business, but big on initiative & ideas.



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Allez-Français … selling houses, not just marketing them