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David Barney can be contacted directly on +44 (0)1458 270296 or +44 (0)7766 095865 for a 20 minute free discussion of your legal requirements and our ability to satisfy them.

Barney & Co solicitors have many, many years’ experience specialist knowledge and expertise within the legal industry and can draw upon hands on experience of specialising in corporate and commercial work. We bring this expertise to bear on advising clients on all aspects of buying owning and selling French residential property and the succession issues involved with it.

If you consult Barney & Co. on a legal matter, you can be assured that they will bring to the matter a pro-active approach, with an ability to think laterally upon any matter, particularly when it is necessary to bring a fresh perspective to bear on any problem in order to endeavour to solve it in a manner where ‘value is added’ to the matter for the client’s benefit.

Barney & Co. does not simply act as a “post office”, passing on its client’s instructions to the opposing solicitor or Notaire. Instead, we attempt to assist the client to find the best solution (legal or practical) to their problem. At times that may require Barney & Co. to stand up robustly against the person advising the other party to the transaction.

However, if we believe our client is making a mistake in relation to a transaction, we will not be reticent in telling our client so – remembering that, at the end of the day, a solicitor’s job is to advise and warn – the final decision must rest with the client.

It is wise to remember that a good lawyer may well be able to save you money – a bad one may cost you a fortune!!

Buying a Property in France

UK nationals buying a property in France, perhaps for the first time, are going to be faced with a variety of matters with which they are going to be unfamiliar. Buying a property in France, selling a property in France is therefore much more fraught with potential difficulties than the purchase of a property in the UK.

Differences when buying a French Property

People buying a property in France do not generally have their own lawyer acting for the on the purchase. This comes as a big surprise to UK nationals who are used to having their own lawyer acting for them when they buy a French property.  A French Notaire (acting as he does for both parties on a transaction) will seldom if ever give a buyer the independent advice which he or she would get from Barney & Co. Clients can only properly protect themselves from making a bad move if they take advice from a UK Solicitor who knows their way around the French property scene. Barney & Co possess this expertise.

French Inheritance Law

Because of the differences in French inheritance law which relate to procedures applying to the succession to French property on death of an owner from those which apply to UK property, we generally advise anyone buying property in France to seek advice from us on the best way to own that property given their family and personal circumstances. It is not a case where ‘one size fits all’. We try to tailor a result to the client’s individual circumstances.

Gifting a Property in France

It may be that you wish to make a gift of the whole or part of your French property. We can advise you on this and make arrangements through competent and experienced Notaires in France for the legal requirements to make the gift having regard not just to the situation under French law, but also to have regard to its taxation and other effect under UK law. Notaires are seldom, if ever, able to do this. That is why you always need the services of Barney & Co when considering buying French property or dealing with the complicated issue of the succession to a  French property by making a Will relating to that property.

French Legal Advice

The first contract which the buyer is asked to sign, very often in the Estate Agents office, is more often than not drawn up by the estate agents who have no legal qualifications. Because the estate agent’s priority is to get a sale contract signed so that they can earn their commission, it is advisable for any  buyer to seek advice from Barney & Co BEFORE signing any contract to buy a French property!

For more information, please visit the Barney & Co website, or call +44 (0) 1458 270296.


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