Blevins Franks is the leading international tax and wealth management advisers to British nationals living in Europe. Blevins Franks has been providing specialist, professional financial advice to British expatriates for decades, and has earned a reputation as the leading international tax and wealth management advisers to UK nationals living in Europe.
The firm provides integrated tax, wealth management and estate planning services to private clients in France, as well as Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Malta and the UK. At Blevins Franks clients get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their financial affairs are in order. Blevins Franks focuses on providing the optimum service and solutions to preserve the value of wealth in real terms, during the lifetime of the client and through to the next generations. They develop excellent, long-term personal relationships with each client, to ensure they receive a high quality, bespoke service based on a full understanding of their circumstances and objectives.

Blevins Franks is a substantial, well established company, with highly skilled teams of people committed to meeting client’s needs and helping UK nationals while they are planning to move to France; while they are living here, and if and when they return to the UK. With a holistic approach to tax and succession planning, pensions, asset protection Blevins Franks has access to some of the world’s best advisory and discretionary investment managers.
• Shelter their capital and income from tax
• Preserve their wealth through personalised investment strategies
• Protect pension funds, by exploring all options and considering local tax implications
• Organise their assets in the most effective manner for estate planning purposes, so that they can be passed to their heirs as efficiently as possible

Blevins Franks has 20 offices over six countries; in France their highly experienced, professionally qualified and bilingual staff have built up a deep understanding of the financial planning needs of British expatriates and the local tax regime to help them structure their financial affairs tax efficiently. Consultants are fully conversant with both the French and UK fiscal systems.
Should you wish to find out more about the financial services Blevins Franks offers or to arrange an appointment, please contact us.

Contact Blevins Franks FranceBlevins Franks is the leading international tax and wealth management advisers to British nationals living in Europe. Contact: Freephone UK: 0800 668 1381, Freephone France: 0805 112 163, or visit

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