About Bliss Immobilier

We are an international real estate agency in Gascony. With shared backgrounds in French real estate, teaching, writing, theatre, banking and management in France and internationally, our team uses its combined experience to assist both buyers and vendors with a fresh look at marketing.

Our goal is simple: to find characterful homes for our clients in which we would be happy to live ourselves, and to help our clients from their initial search until completion – offering sound bi-lingual legal advice throughout the process.

With magazine style advertising and a more personalised description of each property and its immediate area, as well as write-ups from the owners themselves, we seek to convey both the technical information required from an agency as well as a sense as of the “feel” and “character” of a home and of the area in which we live. This is particularly important for buyers short-listing properties to view from all four corners of the world. Karen, Stephanie, Annabel and Marianne look forward to helping you find Bliss in Gascony.

A Published Author

Before founding BLISS IMMOBILIER Karen lived in Paris for 16 years where she worked as a teacher and translator. In December 2018 publisher Richard Willis of Impress Publishing released Karen’s first book in a trilogy: A Stranger in Paris under the pen-name Karen Webb.

A Stranger in Paris is a memoir of a life in France, and a look at the sometimes-darker side of France. It is a memoir on the search for love, identity and home – wherever that might be.

Karen: “Like everyone else I enjoyed books such as Peter Mayle’s “A Year in Provence” but I wanted to tell the story of a less comfortable existence; that of a girl who arrives in France without a Franc to her name, jobless, homeless and with stars in her eyes. What it is like to marry and have children in France, to almost “become” French, yet never quite…not a year then, but 30 years in which the whole world has changed from a time in Paris in the late 80s, pre-internet, when Mitterrand was président, to today.”

A Stranger in Paris is available through Amazon via this link

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Web: https://blissimmo.com/
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +33 (0) 5 62 28 59 32
Mobile: +33 (0) 6 16 85 86 13


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