The renovation of a French property is a complicated minefield of do’s and don’ts, and is one that should be given lots of thought; ideally with the help of someone who can guide you through all aspects of the process, from planning laws and permits to dealing with the various trades required.

Most French properties have a nasty habit of throwing up huge problems which are commonly called a “cache misere” which translates literally as “hidden misery”: basically any building issues that has been covered up during the house’s 200 year history, and trusts us there can be a few!

This is partly due to the fact that French properties are subject only to a diagnostic report and not a surveyors report as is required in the UK. Most quotes given by French artisans take this on-board and are “sous reserve” meaning for example that should any issues become apparent during the work then this is not covered in the quote and needs to be added to the final bill, with of course the clients consent. This problem will have a direct impact on your renovation adding both extra cost and time delays and this must be taken into account when considering a renovation.

Using artisans that you can trust and have the adequate and obligatory insurance is a good way of avoiding potential huge problems both during and after the renovation. Make sure that ALL artisans have the necessary qualifications and insurance, do not be afraid to ask to see them and do NOT use anyone without these.

For your peace of mind, Burgundy can be Made Easy! We offer a renovation service using qualified experienced tradesmen who can achieve work to our high standards of workmanship. There are many people/ companies who will offer to do this for you but they may not have the knowledge or experience of the construction industry in France. We have been working in France with 26 years carpentry experience and our French company has been running since May 2009. We have worked on properties for private clients, ranging from the humble garden shed to multi-million pound chateaux and have also worked on large French construction projects such as hospitals and other public buildings.This has given us the experience that is necessary to provide our clients with a service where, we listen to our clients needs and treat them and their property with the respect that they deserve. We are based halfway between Chalon sur Soane and Beaune.

Winner of the following awards:

  • European Corporate Excellence Awards 2015 – Best for Interior Renovations
  • Acquisition International 2016 – Most outstanding for Interior Residential Renovations
  • Holder of accredited “artisan “ label from the Chambre de Metiers (CMA)

Clients have changed over the years with many more international clients arriving in Burgundy, everyone would like to own a piece of history and Burgundy has a lot to offer. This may mean renovating your property by distance, and it is here where we provide you with the service that allows you to do this, by supplying our clients with constant updates and a liason between you and the tradesmen required.

Both my wife and I have our business’s here and our children were born in France. I see no reason to leave and feel comfortable with the French way of life. The joys of its day to day beaurocracy can make you despair at times, but “ c’est la vie” as they say.

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Testimonials can be found on the website, but here is an example:

“All in all Vic it’s perfect and I just can’t thank you enough for your hard work and your patience with me when I made changes at the last minute. It was a pleasure to have you working on the house and if you ever need any recommendations I will be only too happy to talk to future customers and show them my chalet.”
~Keith Walker
Les Houches

Company name: Burgundy Made Easy



Tel: +33 (0) 3 85 87 14 61