French Tax Online is a Certified Chartering Accountancy firm dedicated to providing its clients with a full taxation and company management service since 2005. Our team is fully bilingual and experienced in accounting and taxation.

Based in South of France, our company is specialized in French investments. Indeed, our activity is intended to customers all around the world who have assets in France or are planning to do so.
Our team members will provide the necessary expertise to help you to comply with French tax obligations and declarations.

French Tax

We provide a wide range of services including :

  • French rental income return
  • French SCI tax return
  • French income tax return
  • Company incorporation and closing
  • VAT returns and refunds
  • Advisory

We have built a unique one-stop-shop tool allowing you to manage your annual French taxes very quickly and 100% online. We have designed it in 2005 and improved it since then in order to offer you the best money for value service.

How does it work?

Tax timeline

Our tool is compliant with French tax law and directly linked to the tax office in order to submit the tax returns electronically. Indeed it is mandatory to provide French tax returns electronically as paper forms are not accepted anymore. (Even for 2072 forms regarding SCI companies since 2021)

For our other services you’ll need to speak to one of our experts in order to define your needs and find a tailored solution. Do not hesitate to contact us directly using the below enquiry box we’ll be happy to help you navigate through the french tax ocean.

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Tel: +33 6 69 07 75 86


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