Installapool are professional swimming pool suppliers, specialising in installing permalife swimming pools in France. We offer a range of indoor and outdoor pools, saltwater pools, hot tubs and can provide design, installation and renovation services.

We are still a family run business with three generations serving our clients and customers’ needs throughout France.

Installing one of our swimming pools on your property is a wonderful way for all the family to have fun and keep fit. Our luxurious hot tubs add extra comfort to your life and are perfect for relaxing and stress relief.

Installapool are a professional business committed to working with our clients, delivering the designs you want, with the minimum of disruption and offering a prompt and efficient service throughout France. Please contact us for more details.

HOT TUBS – The Benefits of Hot Water

Warm water reminds our bodies of the calm quiet time before we were born and gives us a feeling of complete relaxation and well-being. There is no better way to relax than to sit back in the healing waters of a hot tub. The hot, swirling water of the tub gives you new energy, and a way to escape the stresses of everyday life.

The therapeutic value you get from your tub activates your immune system and causes the production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers, while the jets massage stiff muscles, and help relieve the aches and pains from your neck, back and feet.

The hot water raises your blood pressure slightly, making more blood flow to your skin. The temperature of your blood rises, expanding the blood vessels making your blood pressure drop back again. The warmed blood penetrates deeper into the tissue below the skin, bringing more oxygen. As more blood vessels expand, you notice a soothing sensation. Your muscles start to relax and rid themselves of carbon dioxide and toxins, as your body produces more white blood cells, which activates your immune system. Endorphins are released, melting away aches and pains.

Stress affects your physical and mental balance. Imbalance can lead to health-related problems, like lack of sleep. If left long enough, we can experience feelings of fatigue and irritability. Many will needlessly reach for medication, instead twenty minutes relaxing in your hot-tub every other day before going to sleep will help the stress of the day dissolve away to help you feel refreshed and renewed.

Swimming Pool Designs

The design possibilities are almost infinite. We can construct nearly any shape to a size to suit your needs and budget. Whether you like the simplicity of a rectangle or the intricate lines of the Grecian lazy L, you can rest assured that our design and construction team will deliver the pool that you dream of.

Below is just a sample of the many liner patterns we have available to personalise your pool. All our liners carry an extensive guarantee of up to 15 years


We undertake all types of renovation work. Whether you need a new liner, a complete filtration system or just a replacement pump.

We can also convert your existing pool to an eco-friendly salt water pool.

If you would like a quotation please phone or email with your requirement and if necessary, we will happily arrange for a site visit to give you an accurate quotation.

Specialists in installing Permalife swimming pools. Suppliers of Beachcomber & Sapphire Spas in France

Phone (+33) (0)5 49 97 10 44

Website: www.installapool.com

Email: [email protected]

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