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Live conversations with a native speaker:

Conversing is essential to improving your fluency and, let’s face it, the end goal of learning a language. When speaking a second language, we all want to feel comfortable and confident in a social context.

My goal is to take you on a journey of linguistic discovery, improving your communication skills, cultural understanding, and confidence along the way.

I am by your side to help and guide you through the intricacies of the French language and the sometimes surprising aspects of French culture.

All levels:

Having moved to London over 20 years ago, I thoroughly understand the challenges of navigating everyday living and expanding your social network in a second language.

I use French TV, movies, other media and current affairs as a basis for our sessions. They are designed to be laid-back, fun and immersive, away from the traditional grammatical lessons.

Of course, I can also assist with formal studies for GSCE and A Level students.

Pay as you go sessions / Full courses:

One to one language training helps you achieve your goals with support & motivation. Our first session is free so you can have an idea of the process.

Enjoy either pay as you go customised lessons or a whole course. The Pay As You Go programme is designed to offer you a flexible option. The full courses are comprehensive and thorough to get you to achieve your goals. You benefit from a 10% discount for a course of 10 sessions.

Online sessions are held on Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp video or Microsoft Teams, all depending on your preference.

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“Having owned a second home in France for years, my goals in learning French were clear. I wanted to be more confident, have conversations in French and make myself understood without being worried that every verb was properly conjugated or that I was using the correct gender for each noun. Every attempt so far has ended in frustration and boredom – irrelevant and outdated textbooks along with too much focus on the detail and the finer points of grammar at the expense of being confident enough to just have a go.

All that has changed since I have started online sessions with Caroline. Each week she tailors a session which uses a variety of up to date and relevant material to draw on for our discussion. It’s not just the language I am learning, but also how the French think, why they think that way, popular culture like what they are watching on TV or listening to, key characters and events that have shaped French culture….. All of which makes learning a joy and which keeps me engaged and interested enough to talk for the whole duration of the session. Caroline is passionate about her subject and the sessions are always well thought through and structured and always with my goals and interests in mind. Caroline keeps the sessions light and very importantly she encourages talking over correction. Testament to how far I have advanced is the fact that I could have a half hour conversation with the hairdresser on my last visit to France – in the past I wouldn’t even have had the confidence to book an appointment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Caroline.” Mandy (Pinner-Greater London / Payzac-Dordogne)

“After living in France for 3 years, Caroline’s lessons finally helped me boost my confidence in holding conversations in French. These lessons go beyond just the conversations, they encourage me to do more. I would say Caroline’s approach is what make the lessons so beneficial.” Stephen (Lyon)

“The lessons I had with Caroline were highly beneficial to me, in both developing my knowledge of French culture and in helping me prepare for my A level syllabus. Our sessions were always very enjoyable, and Caroline was consistently friendly, understanding and patient. I could not recommend these lessons any more highly to anyone hoping to further their knowledge of French. Thank you Caroline for such a brilliant opportunity!” Alana (Wales)

Contact details:

Mobile: +44 7443589610

Email: [email protected]

Website : lalinguiste.co.uk

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