Who We Are

English Domestic and International Revenue and Chancery Bar Practice

Private and public international law; particularly the limitations on competence of national institutions within a supranational area such as the EU; and their subjecting to institutional intervention. OECD competence analysis.

BREXIT,  EU law, EU Regulations Brussels I-IV.  EU taxation issues for corporate and private individuals, advising on the removal of fiscal obstacles to freedom of movement of capital.

Fiscally correct offshore and onshore Tax Planning.

The private international aspects of French law involving the recognition of trusts and other foreign legal concepts, the use of civil law structures for non residents and foreigners taking up residence in France, the use of French matrimonial property régimes in France, in the United Kingdom and British Islands;

French tax law and estate planning; EU Succession Regulation N° 650/2012

Multi-jurisdictional tax advice for undertakings and corporates in an international environment: BEPS and transnational working capital protection  whether in a consolidated or non-consolidated accounting or fiscal environment.

European Union law, and tax law;

European Convention on Human Rights (“ECHR”) and tax implications of the right to non expropriation;

Negotiation with French and British revenue authorities;

Jersey law and income tax legislation;

Tax Treaty and Tax Information Exchange Agreement planning;

Qualified Mediator, Revenue Bar Association, Overseas Member of Chancery Bar Association; 

Tax treatment of French assurances vie à cause de vie or à cause de décès in United Kingdom.

Peter Harris is the sole person qualified to give legal and tax advice and settle opinions and advice emanating from Overseas Chambers.

Our Approach

We provide a client and objective orientated service;

We take instructions in a manner suited to Civil law, Common law and Shari’ah law clients and professionals;

We work intimately with professionals practising in France,Europe, and beyond such as notaries, avocats, and comptables, in order to provide a seamless advisory structure;

Our ability to redeem, restore and modernise historic and existing  structures at risk of failure is a valued contribution to professionals and clients alike;

Our experience and advice successfully anticipate future developments;

Our establishment in a regulated environment in Jersey, British Islands is a significant factor for non EU clients and those not wishing to use a United Kingdom, French or other European based practice for reasons of confidentiality, and information control and management. Please note that we do not take on any client whose credentials are improper;

Our present and past successes in international tax and legal negotiations with Tax Authorities – HMRC, DGFIP DVSF, IRS – evidence conceptual discipline, presentational ability and a firm grasp of both British and French fiscal principle and the economics underlying fiscal policy and Tax Treaty provisions;

We are the only overseas Revenue Bar and Chancery chambers dedicated to providing these onshore and offshore tax and legal services. We abstain from operating in areas with which we are unfamiliar, and have a sufficient international contact base to enable referrals to competent professionals where we are less able to fully assist, without being required to refer within a network.

To sum up, we write out the law applicable in each case as it will be administered, and if appropriate pleaded before the Courts and let the law do the work economically, as it is meant to do.


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