Set up in 2008 by Florence Becker, PROVENCE PA is the point of contact for those wishing to purchase in Luberon and the Alpilles.



The cultural richness of Provence continues to seduce international buyers; here you will find a marriage of heritage, folklore and gastronomy which is simply unmatched. Add to this the natural beauty and character of the Alpilles and the Luberon, and you can begin to understand why visitors to the region inevitably return, years later, to invest in a typical Mas or Bastide Provençal to renovate. 

For years, Florence has travelled the region pursuing the very best artisans and professionals in order to be able to offer her clients a comprehensive range of personalised services catering to all budgets and requirements; from simple administrative procedures to the overseeing of renovations, following-up on signing, searching for service providers and even the management of seasonal rentals.

North Americans, Britons, Germans, Scandinavians and, of course French clients too, all of Provence PA’s clientele have one thing in common – they fell in love at some point with the Luberon, the Alpilles, the Aix region, or the Salon region. Florence explains:

90% of my clientele comes from abroad or lives far from Provence. Every one of them chose one way or another, to associate their property assets with our Provence. Establishing these assets (purchase of a piece of land, a primary residence, a secondary residence, investment in real estate for tax purposes), building new property, renovating it, converting it, decorating it, making it over, making it profitable (seasonal rental), means making important decisions and making the right choice is often a difficult thing to do. Though their motivations may vary, it’s my job to be there for each of them according to their needs, for the fulfilment and the success of their project, in line with their objectives.”

Florence calls on a vast network of partners, all bearing the exceptional label of EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) for their work in maintaining and restoring French patrimoine. This would not be possible were it not for the diligence and passion that she devotes to their arts, to which they themselves will attest.

In her own words, “This is a matter of passion, empathy and sharing. My best moments come when I synergise the dreams of my client with the know-how of one who can make it a reality. This is my greatest achievement; making dreams come true. My biggest failure; that a client would have any regrets. I am proud (and relieved!) to say that this has never happened to me yet.”

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