Since the firm’s creation in 1666, the office has been located near Bastille in the Marais, the historical heart of Paris and today one of the French capital’s most dynamic districts.

It is currently directed by six notaire partners, assisted by two notaire associates, along with a staff of 30 qualified notarial specialists.

The partners are motivated by the idea that a notaire is a public officer whose mission is to ensure the authenticity of documentary information and to support his/her clients at every key moment of their professional and personal life.

A notaire is a lawyer and a public officer which makes him a hybrid professional. He is an independent lawyer appointed by the government who advises and assists clients with their legal needs.

Over the years, the office has adopted secure technological tools adapted to the needs of its clientele. We continue to modernise to help you with your current needs.

Real Estate for Private Clients

Our goal is to ensure the legal protection and tax optimisation of your personal projects.

We deal with a wide range of areas, such as the purchase or sale of a real estate asset wherever situated in France, financing, property assessment, the reorganisation of your property holdings, including placing them in appropriate legal entities.

Wills Ans Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of our most important responsibilities: choosing the right time to act, optimising tax liability and legally securing your assets.

Given the changes in our society, such as the prolongation of life expectancy and the proliferation of relevant laws, we can help you plan the disposition of your estate and anticipate potentially significant consequences for your family or heirs. We can assist you in the execution of an inheritance, whether of national or international dimension.


When you have to cope with the death of someone very close to you, going through probate is always a challenging and stressful process. When part of the estate is located overseas, it is even more difficult to deal with. Probate is one of the core area of expertise at WAM when it comes to French assets and we assist and advise in every legal and practical step.

Asset Management

With a wide range of skills in family law, the Office offers expertise in asset management in order to analyse your personal and professional situation, evaluate your needs and meet your estate planning goals (eg Pacte Dutreil, a tax-sheltered legal covenant for passing on family businesses)

Marriage and Civil Unions

Conjugal life is based on a number of legal elements that must be understood before constructing a household.

Our team will be at your side from the first steps of your married life (or civil union) in order to permit you to choose the matrimonial regime or civil union (PACS) contract best suited to your situation.

Our expertise will help you to make adjustments throughout your life with different legal options taken to protect the interests of your family. (A change in matrimonial regime, inter vivos gifts between spouses, powers of attorney for future protection)

Separation and Divorce

In the face of the growing number of divorces and separations in our society, the Office chose several years ago to create an entire department to help couples who have decided to end their relationship.

In order to help our clients during this important stage of life, with major stakes for the family’s finances, our team is at your disposal to help reach an agreement and asset separation which is as amicable as possible…

Corporate Law

Our office can help you during the life of your business at every step of the way.

From the choice of the most appropriate form when starting a company to legal modifications (especially purchase or sale of assets, reduction of capital, and assignment of shares), your notary is a specialised resource in corporate law. We can also help you with the sale of the business: assigning the lease, management lease contracts.

International Law

Our international department provides our clients the specialist advice and assistance in their cross-border matters.

Our team consists of specialist lawyers bilingual in English or Spanish assisting an international clientele in their personal and professional matters. In order to increase the quality of the advice we provide to our clients, we have concluded a partnership with Buckles Solicitors LLP, specialised in British and international issues.

We assist in your real estate transfers, the administration of your international assets and the administration of cross-border estates and wills. Our main objective is to ensure effective advice taking your specific situation into account and to avoid the problems different jurisdictions may reveal.


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