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    We are an English family and have been living in La Ciotat for almost 2 years. Our children aged 13 have been attending an International school however we are considering moving them to a French speaking state school. Do you have any tips or useful information?


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    How good is their French?

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    As above, without a good base of french it will be difficult but not impossible if they are determined to work hard and catch up with several years of french grammar etc. I have never understood why people put their kids into international schools when they have chosen to live and work in France, surely getting as close to the nation as possible is far better and helps the kids integrate and learn much better?? My two were far younger when they came but one now works as an english professeur in a french collège with a french Master’s degree and the other works for education in the US using her french language skills a great deal also. They were thrown straight into the village school without any prior french and within weeks were settling down and beginning to speak and integrate and to this day, some of those kids remain best friends with mine.

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