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    @nomdeplume wrote:

    France has absorbed waves of immigrants in years past, Spanish Portugese, Belgians, Poles, Italians, Hungarians including Sarco’s parents. Are the Roms different?

    Yes. All other immigrants do what they can to integrate in the society – sometimes against hell & highwater , fighting people’ prejudices , working hard – Roma don’t. I agree they are victims of very complex and unfortunate historical circumstances – but they could get more help if they started to help themselves for a change

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    Exactly, I was being sarcastic earlier in the thread where I asked if Chrissie’s ‘settled’ Roma neighbours had also been deported, of course they wouldn’t be. Because this is the heart of the matter, I don’t think anyone would dispute, that anyone who works hard, pays their dues and obeys the general conventions and laws of modern western society is welcome to stay in France.

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    @newboy2010 wrote:

    Rivercottage,it’s strange to you i suppose,but it’s like knowing that in a small community someone is black,asian,chinese etc.

    In any community, large or small, you can tell someone is black/asian/chinese by looking at their skin colour and physical attributes. I can’t however, tell if someone is Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian or French just by looking at them to be honest. :roll:

    @newboy2010 wrote:

    Right on Ivan !! I suppose if we discuss the uk gypsies we will be going off topic,but at least the Roma travellers have travelled to ply their illicit trades,whereas most uk gypsies have never been off their reservations,and call themselves travellers inferring that they are a different breed,for various reasons.


    Many gypsies live in houses and have never lived in a caravan in their life. They do consider themselves a different breed because they have different customs, music, language, etc. Ever heard of Shelta or Gamin or Cant? In many countries they are recognised at an ‘ethnic’ group or, in other words, a different breed.

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