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    Does anyone have experience as to how private ambulances work in France? I could do with one to get my husband to a hospital an hour away and need a service I can rely on. I think they do cars as well, which would be ideal, but do not understand the system with these??


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    The ambulance system is very complicated here (like many other things.) There are different levels of ambulance, from a simple taxi/car to a fullblown ambulance with medical crew. In between are cars with some provision for bedridden patients and more basic ambulances.
    If you need to have the cost paid you should ask your doctor in what situations he would prescribe a car ambulance, and your mutuelle as to what cover they would give.
    Departments and CPAMs too vary in the levels of reimbursements.
    In your case I think you should speak to your doctor or it might work out expensive unless he’s prepared to give an ordonance, which should guarantee CPAM covering most of the cost.
    The basic car ambulances liase with the CPAM over their bills.



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    You need to ask your doctor for a ‘bon de transport’. But they are fairly reluctant to give you one unless you can prove you really need it, and there’s a limit to how mny you can have without the prior approval of your caisse.


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    All the existing services are pretty reliable and quick.

    In case of emergency, you can call the Samu ( Tel. 15 )or the ” pompiers” ( Tel 18 ). Then you do not need a ” bon de transport.

    Otherwise there is certainly a local ambulance service, and if you do not know it, then local it up:

    Try Pages Jaunes:

    First box : Ambulance or ambulance taxi
    Second box : Your place

    Do not forget to tick the box, over the town : A côté de..

    You are bound to find several.




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