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    We have a cottage in France, currently for holidays, but do wish to move to France by 5 years time. Given we are leaving the EU, we are keen to secure the same rights post Brexit as we would now. One option would be to move to the house in France prior to the end of the Transition period to try and secure residency (for example moving early 2020). I would still need to come back to UK for at least 3 days a week to continue to work for another 2-3 years, but we would rent out our current house in the UK and I would just rent a bedsit / room whilst working. Louise (my wife) would stop working when we moved to France and would be there all week each week. Would this be enough to secure resident status, and therefore secure our rights after the end of the transition period? Many thanks, Mark.

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    The mantra “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” means that nobody can guarantee anything until ‘B’ day on March 29th and whatever is agreed then is what will carry through the transition period.

    To maximise your chances of being allowed to stay you’d be best served by taking up residence at least 3 months before ‘B’ day which means around Xmas this year.

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