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    Lots of helpful stuff on here about damp problems – thank you – but just wanted to get a view on what to do with this one…

    We have an old stone house with rising damp (I think) coming up all along one wall (which adjoins our neighbour’s house) and in various other areas on the ground floor. It seems quite severe; the paint and plaster is crumbling off and there are stains up to 5 ft high up the wall in places (and getting higher). Mur-Protec came round and their gadget said there was 80% humidity at the base of the wall. My neighbour has a well which comes up in his terrace, so I think there’s water running under the house at some level.

    I have spoken to various experts, several of whom have suggested injecting the wall with waterproofing chemicals. Great – except there is a cave underneath the house and I’m worried the damp will simply get trapped there and rot beams underneath and make the ground floor tiles lift etc. I thought about getting the waterproofing chemicals injected at cave level but unfortunately, the only way to access the cave would be to go through another neighbour’s garage wall, or to dig down through the ground floor. Which sound expensive.

    Another expert said to just cover it up with plasterboard but I’m very uncomfortable with the idea of the problem getting worse behind the boards, and with the possibility that the beams are busy rotting away.

    What would you do with this situation?

    Would taking the plaster off help the wall breathe?

    A big thank you in advance for any comments/advice.



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    The first thing I’d do is go to youtube and search for rising damp, theres a really “interesting”  batch of videos involving damp meters and damp problems that may calm any nerves you may have, and at least better inform you when you’re dealing with pros.


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    Is the stone wall a single layer of stone or is it a wall with two stone outside skins and an earth/rubble infill? If it has an infill then injecting will most likely be useless.

    I had a french drain (after Mr French) installed around the outside of my house and that reduced wall damp for exterior walls and also, to a great extent, internal walls going down into the cellar.

    Talk to local experts who may have dealt with similar problems  around.

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    IMO the damp is already trapped in the cave, I would through ventilated the cave first, that should take away most of the moisture that is leeching up your walls.



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    Why not speak to your neighbour who has the well, if a leak or natural water is affecting your house it is highly likely it will be affecting his, it could be an insurance job or you could split the cost of a repair. Better to cure the problem at source….

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