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    my horse over the past few years had laminitis, i recently moved and touch wood he is running round kicking and happy and we have had no problems this year with his walking, his feet are still growing differently but that is being managed by the farrier.

    However i have noticed as he is in a small paddock i have been giving him hay over the past few weeks but i have noticed he has lost a little weight, not sure if its because before he had alot of not nice grass covers and lots of blackberry bushes growing in the field to now having none of that.  Someone told me for cost wise to buy luzerne deshydratee, which i have bought 2 sacs off.  I have given him a small scoop think its 1kg, he didnt eat it all  but did after a few hours, however i have read on the internet that its not very good and should be mixed with avoine aplatie.


    What do you all think or suggest

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