Broseley Verona 11 1429 € or 1685 €

Broseley Verona 11  1429 € or 1685 €

Standard model or with optional Cooking Top

There is nothing more relaxing or comforting than the warm, welcoming glow of a real fire multifuel stove. With absolute quality in materials, design and structural innovation these stoves are made from the best quality cast-iron, cast in a single casting with unsurpassed quality control and finishing, and thanks to their classic lines they fit perfectly in any room.

  • Thermostatic Control
  • Airwash Riddling Grate
  • Front & Side Loading Door
  • Optional Cooking Top
  • High Quality Cast Iron Manufacture
    ModelVerona 11 / Verona 11 HP*
    Height710mm / 760mm
    Depth450mm / 590mm
    Max Kw Output11 Kw
    Weight150kg / 165kg
    Thermostat Controlyes
    Riddling Mechanismyes
    Top Outletyes
    Rear Outletyes
    Side Loadingyes

    *HP = Hot Plate Option

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