Stove SellersVillager double fronted stoves are ideal for homes and pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants etc. that have, or wish to create a central chimney setting as a focal point in a large room. Villager offer the following range of double fronted versions of our popular wood burning stoves. These stoves are built to the same high standards set for all Villager stoves. Please note that double fronted stoves cannot be fitted with a boiler and that the flue opening, diameter 152mm (6″), is always in the centre of the top surface.

All the Villager ‘A’ models are for wood burning only, while the Villager ‘B’ models and the Flatmate can be converted from wood burning to multi-fuel stoves.

Model Depth Fender to Fender Body width Canopy/Top plate width Canopy/Top plate depth Over all Height inc. 100mm(4″) flue collar KW Price (Euros)
‘AH’ WOOD High Canopy 716mm
28 3/16″
26 3/8″
28 3/4″
36 3/4″
8 1750
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