Purchasing a property can be a complicated process and when that purchase is abroad with a foreign language it can become that much more difficult…..


1 –WHY USE A BROKER? – HB Property is your independent bilingual mortgage adviser throughout France and Monaco. We will help to liaise with the banks and all relevant notary, estate agent and other intermediary interactions in order to make the purchase as simple as it can be. Our knowledge and industry contacts have been developed over more than 16 years of working in France for international and local banks based here on the Riviera and across France and Monaco, so we know exactly how things work and help you in getting a mortgage.


2 – BANK PARTNERS  – HB Property is partnered with multiple French Retail Banks and Monegasque Private Banks, which enables us to obtain the best possible terms and conditions due to our ability to tailor the relevant bank that will most benefit the client. Different banks have different criteria, and it is key that before moving forward with any transaction that you speak with a qualified independent mortgage broker.

3- LOW INTEREST RATES – French interest rates are currently very low relatively and it appears that rates are set to stay that way for the near to medium term. Accordingly, it has never been more attractive to acquire a mortgage in France.

4 – HOW MUCH CAN YOU BORROW?It is important to talk to a French Mortgage broker, as this will immediately enable us to understand your situation, and thus establish an idea of your eligibility for a mortgage. While there are general rules of thumb, we have found it makes sense to approach each client on a bespoke case by case basis and offering a tailored solution. Generally European residents can obtain up to 85% Loan to Values and around 60% for Non-European residents.



5 – MORTGAGE TYPES There are a variety of different types of mortgages in France, we specialise in securing these for you. Find the different types below:

Main home Mortgages, Second/ Holiday Home Mortgages, Investment Property and Refinancing an existing mortgage.  Each banks criteria differs depending on your personal situation and the object of the mortgage so in order to have accurate information regarding your loan and your requirements please contact us on +33492080641.

if you would like to discuss the options available to you and go through the process of getting a mortgage in France or Monaco we would be happy to talk you through the stages and how it all works.

We can be contacted by phone, email or through our website.

Mr Dylan LEWIS – Senior Mortgage Advisor

Tel – 00 33 (0) 4 92 08 06 41 – Mob – 00 33 (0) 6 66 00 64 43 – dylan.lewis@hbproperty.fr


NB – We are fully registered in France under ORIAS which is a unique register for intermediaries in insurance, banking and finance. This is obligatory in France in order to be able to offer mortgage advice as it is a regulated industry


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