Resident in France ©Michaklootwijk

Registering as French resident

If you moved to France, you will be registering your residency status by means of your income tax return. This is theofficial method of becoming tax domiciled in France.

Top French tax tips

Baffled by the French tax system? Preparing to leave the UK to set up home in your dream French home? Already here? Here’s some handy advice…

Wealth tax in France – get the facts about ISF

  Wealth Tax in France or Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune is an annual tax on the sale value of your assets, based on their value on the 1st January each year. Who is affected? The taxable threshold for

French tax: your payment options

There are a number of ways to pay your tax liability in France: by cheque, by TIP, by direct debit or online… So make sure you avoid those late payment penalties and don’t forget, to register for monthly payments for your liabilities payable next year, the deadline is 15th December the year before.

Returning to the UK from France

If you are a British expatriate who is leaving France to return to live in the UK, there are various tax and financial issues to plan for. Ideally, you should complete any necessary arrangements in the UK tax year before you return.

Who you need to inform when moving to France from the UK

There will be many things to do in arranging a move to France and a lot of people to tell. Here’s how to avoid unnecessary delays in getting your UK pension income paid to you gross and how to ensure that you receive any medical cover that you are entitled to in France.

Declaring foreign investments

A law was ratified in February 2012 introducing penalties of a 40% increase in the amount of tax due on undeclared overseas investments. There is already a potential fine of €1,500 for every undeclared account.

Tax resident in France: the advantages

The proximity of France to the UK makes France a very accessible country for Britons to own holiday homes. For many they are more than just ‘holiday homes’, as they spend a considerable amount of time enjoying life over the Channel.

Death and taxes

Two things are inevitable, death and taxes. If you are a resident of England or Wales and have amongst your assets a French property (being land in France, whether built on or not), the law of succession in England and Wales will apply to the whole of your estate with the exception of the French land.