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Registering as French resident

If you moved to France, you will be registering your residency status by means of your income tax return. This is theofficial method of becoming tax domiciled in France.

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Tax residency: France or UK?

If you live in France, or are thinking about moving or buying property there, you are probably wondering which is better in terms of tax residency: France or the UK?

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Tax liability on rental income in France

When thinking about buying a property in France you may well consider the possibility of letting the property when you are not using it. It could be that you already have a holiday home there which you rent out or

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French Succession Tax

New EU regulations will give you much more choice over whom British expatriates living in France can leave their assets to. You have much more freedom to choose to bequeath property, savings and investments.

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Unmarried couples, French property, PACS and inheritance

It is always important to understand the tax and succession implications of buying a property in France, whatever your relationship status and whether you are buying alone or with a partner. It is even more important if you are not married to your partner.

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The new UK pension regime and expatriates in France

The new UK pension regime came into effect from 6th April, 2015. This is a major change for retirees, with the restrictions on how much income and lump sum you can take being removed for defined contribution schemes.

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Tax-free savings and France

There are various tax-free vehicles available in the UK. But what happens when we move to France? Do we retain these accounts? Will they work for us as French residents?

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Buying property in France? Take tax advice early

If you are buying a property in France, and/or moving there to live, you should start your tax planning nice and early. Ideally this would be before you buy the property, and before you move there.

Top French tax tips

Baffled by the French tax system? Preparing to leave the UK to set up home in your dream French home? Already here? Here’s some handy advice…

Wealth tax in France – get the facts about ISF

  Wealth Tax in France or Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune is an annual tax on the sale value of your assets, based on their value on the 1st January each year. Who is affected? The taxable threshold for

Understanding inheritance rules and tax in France

If you are French tax resident, you will also be considered “domiciled” in France for inheritance purposes and your worldwide estate will be subject to French inheritance rules and taxes …

The Tax Implications of Renting Out a French Property

  For French residents looking to generate income from renting out gites or other investment property there are a number of different French income tax regimes applying to rented property which determine the amount of net income you will actually

Your UK pension: options and taxation in France

  Once you reach retirement age you need to carefully consider all your options for receiving pension income, and how they affect the transfer of any balance to your spouse and heirs. If you live in France or are planning

Estate planning for French residents

For most UK residents, making a move across the Channel does not mean a change in estate planning objectives. But what is likely to require a change is the financial planning approach and the techniques used to achieve these objectives.

French tax: your payment options

There are a number of ways to pay your tax liability in France: by cheque, by TIP, by direct debit or online… So make sure you avoid those late payment penalties and don’t forget, to register for monthly payments for your liabilities payable next year, the deadline is 15th December the year before.

How to Maximise your UK pension in France

Many French Entrée readers will be planning to move to France, probably on retirement. At that stage it is likely that they will need to rely heavily on that pension …

Returning to the UK from France

If you are a British expatriate who is leaving France to return to live in the UK, there are various tax and financial issues to plan for. Ideally, you should complete any necessary arrangements in the UK tax year before you return.

Who you need to inform when moving to France from the UK

There will be many things to do in arranging a move to France and a lot of people to tell. Here’s how to avoid unnecessary delays in getting your UK pension income paid to you gross and how to ensure that you receive any medical cover that you are entitled to in France.

‘Contributions Sociales’ or ‘Social Taxes’

Since the Contribution Sociale Généralisée (CSG) were introduced in 1991 they have been the source of much confusion for tax residents in France. Many expats who are now classified as tax residents of France would have received bills for Contributions Sociales in October and may been wondering exactly what they are.

Declaring foreign investments

A law was ratified in February 2012 introducing penalties of a 40% increase in the amount of tax due on undeclared overseas investments. There is already a potential fine of €1,500 for every undeclared account.

Tax resident in France: the advantages

The proximity of France to the UK makes France a very accessible country for Britons to own holiday homes. For many they are more than just ‘holiday homes’, as they spend a considerable amount of time enjoying life over the Channel.

The double taxation agreement

Are you or will you become a British expatriate living in France? Do you own property in France? Both France and the UK impose an inheritance tax, but which country will tax you?

Income tax in the UK and France compared

Early April in the UK sees the end of one tax year and the start of another. While in France, the end of April brings the delivery of annual household tax forms for return to the French taxman by the end of May.