Death and taxes

Two things are inevitable, death and taxes. If you are a resident of England or Wales and have amongst your assets a French property (being land in France, whether built on or not), the law of succession in England and Wales will apply to the whole of your estate with the exception of the French land.

Pension and tax reforms in France

After much speculation, the French government finally announced its proposals to reform the state pension system on 16th June. Its aim is to balance the pension books by 2018.

Taxes involved in purchasing French property

When working out your finances to buy that dream property in France, you need to take into account the taxes involved in purchasing French property. These costs vary depending if the property is subject to VAT, as David Franks of Blevins Franks explains…

Civil partnerships or PACS in France: how they work

Prior to April 2009, if you had a UK civil partnership (CP) and moved to France, it was not recognised in France, and you were not be able to enter into the French equivalent known as PACS (Pacte Civil de Solidarité) unless the UK CP was dissolved first…

Tax on the market value of French Land

David Anderson, Helen Belle and Graeme Perry of solicitors and chartered tax advisers Sykes Anderson examine the law surrounding the 3% tax payable by non-resident companies on the value of their French property

Pre-contract enquiries

The golden rule is that you cannot be too careful and if the seller tells you not to conduct a full investigation then you should become very suspicious…