Make Sure Your Gîte Is Clean!

Make Sure Your Gîte Is Clean!

Change over day is often Saturday and can be busy, particularly if you have more than one gîte. Departure time is often stated as 10.00am, and normally your guests will comply. You then have until around 4.00pm, the typical stated arrival time, to get the place ready for re-occupancy.

You will need to:


* Strip the beds and wash the linen
* Re-set the beds for the right numbers of people coming – this includes cots for babies
* Thoroughly wash the bathroom, toilets, showers, sinks, floors
* Hoover all the floors, remove cobwebs from ceilings etc.
* Thoroughly clean the kitchen, including:
* Inside the oven, and the hob
* Inside the fridge, defrost the freezer
* Clean all surfaces
* Coffee machines and kettles – descale if you have hard water
* Floor
* Sharpen the knives (if required)
* Check the inventory for breakages and missing items


* Cut the grass and weed the flower beds as necessary
* Clean the pool (see below)
* Clean the BBQ, which is always left greasy and dirty
* Check and replace broken light bulbs
* Clean and lay out the garden and outdoor furniture
* Clean the windows if necessary
If the amount of work proves difficult on changeover day, get sufficient local help (but organise it early in the year – everyone needs cleaners on a Saturday). Or consider a Friday or Sunday changeover day to spread the workload.

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